Scottish Watches Podcast #156 : With ABlogToWatch – Watches 101 – Episode 3

We have reached part three of our mini series and we are dealing with the high end side of things.

Rikki needs to wake up, pretending to spend lots of money should do it.

Send us your questions and no erotic questions please…ahem.

James Porter and Son

(BTW 26 seconds is what you are looking for)

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First up.

1. Precious Metal Construction

How has this changed over the years with new types of material that might be considered precious and new materials that we can actually make watches from.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire Watch Hands-On

2. Natural, Quality Jewels

Let us just sell everything and buy one of these each.

You have heard of the Pepsi and the Coke and even the Smurf and the Paul Newman…ladies and gentlemen we now bring you the “Raymond” Daytona

3. Manufacture-Made Movement

Is it still important, is it just us nerds that care?

I still just about care about this

But it has not yet been 7 years since order.

And check out our Horage video where Andi goes into some detail about new movement making.

4. Seal Of Geneva

Still going strong or clubbed to death, we find out.

Are outside standards important, who cares and which means the most.

And if you “self-certified” your qualifications what mark would you give you?

What about the definition of Swiss Made?

5. Exotic Materials

What now is the pinnacle…it is not cheese, sorry Moser

or Napoleonic hair

6. Many Hours Of Hand Construction And Assembly

Built by machines or built by hand, what do you value more?

7. Complications

What do we like what do we hate, what do we not understand?

Or get yourself a value proposition 5 minute repeater.

8. Highly Refined Designer Looks

There are some rules, there is a good reason why they should be followed.

9. Limited Production

Pick a number between 1 and #allthewatches

Rikki confesses his sins buying non limited edition Omegas…a rare thing indeed.

10. Investment Grade Acquisition

Simple buy Rolex…..and don’t pay over retail.

Enjoy the show