Scottish Watches Podcast #154 : How To Start Your Own Watch Company with Andy and Bruno of Maals

In today’s show we speak to brothers Andy and Bruno Sealey who took the plunge and started their very own watch company only a few short years ago. They explain how they started with £1,000 and took that money plus blood, sweat, tears and years to now sell watches to pretty much every country on the planet.

We start with trying to figure out who we are speaking to as there also appears to be a Mark Sealey, I think their sister is called Jeff

We welcome Mr Manny into the chat, the Mr Miyagi of MAALS

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Some examples of Tokyo Flash

and then some “Loads of Shapes”

Then it is Tudor time, this is coming…1st July

We then explore Darwins Law and the boys first watch.

and the watch that is soon to hit Kickstarter

We then talk Turkey, sorry English, sorry about being Black in the watch world

and compare and contrast this pair:

Here is Adrians we video about his sore thumb

and MAALS means Grind in dutch,  there you go then and here is Fiji water, no urban dictionary required.

Enjoy the show