Scottish Watches Podcast #148 : The Groups All Together

Scottish Watches Podcast #148 : The Groups All Together

3, 2, 1 Go…oh no wait another 10 seconds.

The gang is back for Hautix Episode 3.

James Porter and Son

We have Adrian From Bark and Jack….turns out the Bark bit relates to him being a tree surgeon.

Janky does not equal Jakey…and other lessons in English follow.

Does anyone want a never worn Speedmaster?

or a fake Apple Watch?

🔥HOT SALE 🔥Watch Series 5 & Watch Series 3

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Posted by Paulgeshop on Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Then time for my animal impressions learned from the best

and we all get sad from time to time…..

then time for a rant from Adrian, give his photo videos some love….or just unsubscribe.

We talk about all the hobbies we have taken up during lockdown, and Kats feet….

Tiger King of course and Adrian decided which child to feed to the nearest child following a CWC incident….but at least his child only spilt water on a cheap watch….

…….ain’t that right Adrian

and finally…this, nope I don’t know either!!

Enjoy the show