Scottish Watches Podcast #146 : With ABlogToWatch – Watches 101 – Episode 1

So here we are folks as definitive a guide as we could make with Ariel from A Blog To Watch about watch collecting and what to look for.

This mini-series is based on three articles which you can find here and look out for the recording of episode 4 which will be a Q & A on the series and where you will get to ask the questions. Whoop!

You can read the original articles for yourself but here are some additions below that we covered on the show.

Sapphire, have a view of this about how sapphire is grown on an industrial basis.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

and then the not so industrial process.

here is an example of what is possible now, this from Girard-Perregaux.

Steel construction, a great summary for the folks at Strapcode here:

Mind your Movements

You can always find a great source of movement info here and here especially if the brand has used its own ref number, but what is it really?

and you can find Ariels article here


You got that Solid Feeling

Designed by Actual Watch Makers

here is an actual watchmaker taking two watches apart that is well worth a view in light of previous discussions on movements

ever come across one of these?

Deployant or Deployment?

Don’t get the joke, check out this old episode of the podcast.

and then M&Ms time.

Wait, Weight.

You can read about the Ray Mears here

Crowning Glory

Is the watch you are buying had attention paid to it?

Try a Fears and see what attention to detail really looks like

Light me up!

Lots of option but do get a look at Tritium Gas Tubes should you ever get the chance.

What’s it going to cost me?