HalfWatchTuesday : 6 months later….

Six months later. So, I’m sure if most of you cast your mind back six months, you’ll remember the life event in which I’m talking about. That fateful day, the wicked curve of the Clyde Tunnel, the complete daze once conscious and the disintegration of said shoulder joint. A bit dramatic I’ll admit, however given the present system of things as they are currently, I was shocked when I realised that it was indeed six months since my injury. Now, you can all breathe easy as I’m not going to go into the description of this again (you were all subjected to this enough in the past) but to actually give a brief account of how not being able to wear a watch for almost three months gave me a newfound appreciation for them.

Which can I say it did! A left arm in a sling is going to cut down watch wearing considerably and although in my day to day job where I’m not able to wear a watch anyways (meaning it wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility to not wear a watch all week until the weekend), I did find myself, once able to be out of a sling, putting on a watch pretty much every day, even if I was only around the house. Not only this, I found myself being more involved and engaging within the wider horological community: reading articles, checking out reviews, listening to podcasts (which to all I admit I don’t do as much as I should do). Happily, even once going back to work, I found that I was still able, and more importantly, wanted to find the time to try and keep up to date with what was going on, even if it meant scrolling through Instagram and seeing what the watchfam were up to.

So, in this regard, I guess for me it was certainly a case of absence making the heart fonder. I’m also thankful to say that this fondness has remained in its majority. And long may it say. Now I reckon that some of you may have had similar experiences (hopefully not as dramatic) that for whatever reason you’ve had, or had to take a hiatus from wearing watches and come back with a newfound appreciation for your sad pieces. If so, I’m interested to hear about them. So, as always, answers on a postcard….

Kicking us off this week is a stunning shot of @wildwristwatch and his Tudor Black Bay. Good thing all the beer was out of that bottle otherwise we may not have been able to ‘half-ly’ see this beauty!

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

We get you @watch_brothers, we really do. We miss the normal system of things, especially getting all dressed out to go out on the ‘ran dan’. Hence, why your Vetta and jacket watch gets us all up in the feels! Cracking shot guys!

Now we’re not quite sure what has driven @justanotherwatchguy to absolute utter madness that he could have thoughts about eating a ‘Speedy taco’ but it makes for one hell of a HWT shot!!

Definitely winning the cuteness awards this week is @whatsonjswrist taking a lovely Seiko shot in the presence of one adorable looking Cavoodle!

I had this discussion at work on Monday regarding how one does not have to be a Star Wars fan to fully appreciate the cult aspect behind the statement of ‘May the fourth be with you’. Needless to say, she didn’t get it. What I should have done is shown her @dianaevansillustration (someone who clearly gets it!) post of her Panerai behind an animated Yoda. Quite simply amazing!

Now I’ve been guilty in the past of matching my outfit to my watch and to be fair, I’m not even sorry about it. Someone else who appears to appreciate this also is @kevothegreat_ who subtly but brilliantly matches his shirt to match his Steinhart. Top work Kevin!


@lifethroughmyphonelens goes all comical on us, with his Speedy living dangerously on the edge with a seemingly hungry, albeit Lego crocodile. Loving this shot Yeo, cheered us right up!

Finally, it wouldn’t be this system of things in trying to flatten the Covid curve without a further message to please take care of yourselves and the people around you. @iamcitizenoftheworld portrays this message expertly, disguising an Eco Drive underneath a face mask. Great shot and even better message buddy!

One shoutout to mention this week and it’s that of @king_watch_company. An American microbrand that was started on the back of an article about inspiring to start a company and a whole load of passion and fascination for watches. Today, they inspired themselves to bring about quality pieces, which from a browse through their Insta page, it certainly looks that way! The King Armored series, i have to say, looks particularly stylish with a sporty kick to it. Definitely worth a check out guys!

And that, it seems, brings our time to an end. As always everyone, keep yourselves and those around you safe.

Yours in horology