Scottish Watches Podcast #126 : With Andrew from Time and Tide Watches Australia

Scottish Watches Podcast #126 : With Andrew from Tide and Tide Watches Australia

Surprise…show notes.

First up exhibit number 1.

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We ask the important questions like, where is Archie Luxury?

This is better.

and this…

look out for this…

and this sequel.

Bring back keyboard cats and take your dirty watches somewhere else, but where did Time and Tide come from?


There are now 6 at time and tide and their hipster office,

which one are you Andrew?

oh this one! (avoid thinking Jake the Peg jokes….and you know who)

on the wrist for Andrew.

and also but Tag won’t let him take wrist shots, why Tag why? what are you trying to prove?

you will notice we only use Tag and not Tag Hoiwer?!?

This is my “connected watch”

At Andrews request Australias greatest export…..and contribution to Culture

We then deal with dealing with all the emptiness we have inside.


But to be fair Andrew is a good lad, over $220,000 Aussie dollars raised, though I think that is only about £2.50 in real money

It was great of Swedish watch giants Moser to get involved.

More music chat, and this time it is decent.

more cowbell………

and yes no one has ever seen Peter Garrett and Rikki in the same room at the same time.

Then it is Covid-19 time, Hublot AD opening cancelled in Australia due to Covid-19 as they say “every cloud”

Enjoy the show