Scottish Watches Podcast #93 : Watch Talk with SpanishRob

It is here the last ever Scottish Watches Podcast…..or maybe not.

Anyway finally we catch up with @spanishrob and if we do say so ourselves it is a great show.

The only man to Brand himself…ouch, that burns

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Rob has worked throughout the industry but Rikki has a bone to pick about his time with WatchTime in particular….

You seen this article anywhere?

Lots of wrist checks this week.

Rob is wearing the On Tour Moser.

Have you seen Paul Thorpes “Crays” Video…nope well it is gone now so neither can you.

Rikki is pleased to announce the reissue of this.

Time to Hasgtag #RobHasTwoStrapsOn to anyone at Hodinkee you come across.

We then get stuck in GPHG and ONLYWatch and ALS along the way.

Time then to bring Robs vision onto watch media itself and have a look at Hodinkee and Omega