Scottish Watches Podcast #92 : Stuff, Things and Watch Show Chat

Rick will put stuff here or I will delete his account….

Well, I guess in order to avoid deletion I better say something.

Loads of news and a full round-up of Rikkis trips to the dark-side (England) for the C.W Sellors and Watch It shows.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

I spent the week being a wrist model, and my portfolio is now akin to Joey from Friends, but the song is better.

My venture into hand modeling was courtesy of Edinburgh Watch Company and a day filming with him, a full set of Rolex models as well as IWC, Omega and a few more, but more importantly, we got to see the full range of tower cranes on the Edinburgh horizon

our Tower Crane podcast is in the works if anyone would like to co-host with me get in touch.

Then into politics, we wade…..

…and then into The Grey Nato territory.

Now some watches.

Fears Brunswick Blue

Hodinkee are now Omega retailers officially, how will the rest of the Omega retailers react?

The latest from Michael the Producer is actually pretty cool, love the Patek at approx 16 mins

Some nice reviews for us…pat on the back, put your review on ITunes and we will read it out, be funny.

Now, do you live in Cary? Indiana, North Carolina, Maine? Let us know or are you one of 17 million people in the Netherlands? are you currently stoned?

Have you considered working for Swatch?

Now we are getting ready for our first live recording, this coming Thursday, be there or be somewhere else.

Then some #watchfam news, go tell Adam you love him..

Then Rikkis UK tour with added Spycraft, thanks to his driver for the weekend.

Find all the Watchit stuff here

and the C.W Sellors stuff here

There are loads of brands to explore here so have a good look.

Enjoy the show