#HalfWatchTuesday: A Grade 3 Pain In The A**

Another week rolls by and with it brings about another instalment of #halfwatchtuesday! A bit of a rough time for me personally this past week, which for those of you who missed Omair’s eloquent Instagram stories, I did indeed manage to completely dislocate my left AC (acromioclavicular) joint cycling home from work through the Clyde tunnel. Apparently I was found unconscious and whisked off to A&E. Now, far be it for me to big up the National Health Service any more than I already do, however, the care that I received was nothing short of exemplary, especially as I rocked up talking a load of incoherent nonsense. A CT head found absolutely nothing wrong, so I was transferred up to the head injury ward for a couple of days (a humbling place let me tell you) after which I was discharged home. At the time of writing, I’m currently waiting on a clinic apt to discuss any further potential treatment/surgery but one thing’s for sure, it could have been so much worse.

(Editors Note: Yeah that’s all very well but what watch were you wearing?)

Which thus brings me to the topic at hand. Now I’ve to wear a full-length sling on my left arm for the foreseeable future, which means wearing a watch is kind of null and void. This is actually affecting me far more than what I thought it would. Obviously I’m not able to wear a watch within work, so all my watch wearing happens outside of it. Although not I’m not able to do that either and I’m finding that aspect of it rather frustrating. Which I’m finding very strange. I just assumed that I’d get used to the fact that as I don’t wear a watch in work, that this sling idea would just be an extension of that. What I perhaps didn’t envision is how much I must subconsciously look forward to being able to wear a watch when I can, that when that freedom as is taken away, it affected me more than I expected. Can I also say that I’ve found that there’s nothing worse than having to reach around with my right hand around to my left pocket to take out my phone to check the time. Aside from being a giant pain in the ass, it’s just unbelievably awkward.

Now if I do need surgery on my shoulder, this time period of not being able to wear a watch will only increase. It could be weeks or even a month before being able to wear a watch unhindered. I appreciate that there are other things that I should be focusing on during such times like rehab on my shoulder, working to get back to work, the gym etc. However, for the sake of wearing a watch, it is the aspect that is amongst the most frustrating in this whole ordeal.

So my question, as there always is at the end of any of my articles is if any of the #watchfam have suffered a similar injury or inconvenience which meant a particular time period without being able to wear any of your pieces. This may have been for a few days or even longer and I’m curious how y’all individually coped with this, whether this meant just sucking it up and not wearing a watch for that time period or whether it meant chucking it onto the opposite wrist. Answers, as always on a postcard.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

So, plunging right into the weeks top pictures this week and its @strixmixpix who leads us off with a cracking thrice lume picture of his Boldr Ventures. Amazing use of both perspective and lighting. A really quite amazing shot.

Omair and I were lucky enough to hang out with the guys at Anordain recently, where we got to experience first hand the time and expertise that goes into each of their unique dials. And @bradwatch shoes this off ridiculously well, capturing the green of his Model 2 perfectly.

Personally I always find pictures that involve heavy use of shadows and limited light really tough to capture well. Then @wis_on_a_budget comes along and makes it look so easy, effortlessly capturing his Speedy reduced. Brilliant shot.

It seems @watchtimeitis got us on a technicality this week, subtlety showing off SKX without visualizing the bracelet. I applaud this pushing the boundaries to the maximum, very well done chief!

@aguy2watch introduced a whole new perspective on his submission this week with an awesome reflective shot of his Tag Monaco. Sweetly done man!


Kylie Minogue rocked so much of my childhood that when I saw @leighbishop666 post of the amazing skeleton dial of his Woodford in accompaniment with good ol’ Kylie lyrics, it just spoke to me on so many levels. Stunning video submission buddy!

Following on with the unique perspective idea, @noobwatch_andy shows off his skills by taking a sweet shot of his Orient and that fantastically domed crystal. Lovely shot man!

@walkoftime seems to feature heavily in recent halfwatch articles and if there’s any question as to why, it’s answered in this week submission. A simply stunning and crystal clear shot of his Longines. Honestly, it’s just phenomenal.

And the winner of the most time consuming and creative post of the week has to go to @snowflakesandshields who pulls out all the stops, and probably every watch in the collection, to make this quite brilliant halfwatch collage. This dedication to the unique is something we highly envision here at @halfwatchtuesday, so we fully appreciate your time in setting this up!


For those of you who may have missed it, it seems @fortiswatches joined the halfwatchtuesday party this week, causing Omair and myself to dance excessively and excitedly (which if you’ve ever seen Omair dance is no mean feat J). Amazing company, over a hundred years of watchmaking expertise and all the while, making some really cool pieces. We thoroughly thank you for your support and we hope you guys visit us again soon!

So, that’s it from me this week folks. I want to say a very humbling thank you to everyone who has wished me well since my accident. You are all the best and I don’t deserve you.

Until next time, yours in horology