HalfWatchTuesday Week 31: The Hangover/Hiatus

The first glimmer of daybreak was just visible on the top of the hill, bodies lay strewn over the usually immaculate floor of Argyll Arcade. The homeless guy who usually sits in front of Greggs (a UK delicatessen) now replaced by a ramshackle Rikki, cradling his DSLR in the hope someone will be kind enough to throw him enough pennies for a vegan sausage roll. Across the street, a still tipsy Floatlite attempts to hobble on a broken stiletto to Tim Hortons to grab the first timbits.

Such was the aftermath of the first Scottish Watches event in partnership with the RedBars of Scotland, Mappin and Webb and Tudor Watches. Chat was had, wrists were snapped, drinks and sandwiches were drunk and no doubt the odd hangover nursed. As a teetotaller I’ve not had the pleasure of a hangover, ever, well not that sort. That doesn’t mean these things don’t manifest in other ways. Let me explain.

I sat there gazing at my new watch, the glowing bronze case, that deep green dial, I had nothing like it in my collection and therefore it was a worthy addition. I was overwhelmingly happy with it, then fleetingly I felt something else which passed as soon as it came.

That sensation would continue to rear its head intermittently over the next few days. Initially, it was hard to put a finger on what it was. As said, I was enjoying the new watch but it felt like something was missing. Suddenly it dawned on me, what I was missing was the chase

For months I had agonised what my next piece would be; the one to fill the penultimate spot in my collection. I had spent way too much time researching and anticipating, chatting to not only owners of the watches I was looking at but also the brands themselves, it was a long and extensive search.

Every opening of Instagram or click on a watch blog had the background aim to seek this new piece. Once ordered the anticipation grew still more. I would gravitate to reviews of the said piece and actively search for posts that carried its hashtag. I was glued to updates from Halios regarding the progress of the Seaforth.

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

Excitement peaked when I received the shipping notification, it was finally coming. All that ‘work’ and anticipation would soon to be realised. I suppose that’s a reason why we love doing/watching unboxings, we understand and have participated in the same journey. The hours of searching, the months of saving all culminating in one perfect moment.

But what then. Yes, of course, I am enjoying my new addition but a journey has ended. The vigour with which articles and reviews are read is less intense, the scrolling of Instagram more passive. These are the withdrawal symptoms brought about from the lack of the need to keep searching; the watch hangover. In this great hobby of ours, it seems the chase is every bit an important part of it as the gratification of obtaining the piece itself.

We are not alone in this, Mrs. Jalapeno loved looking at new houses, once we got into our new home, she noticed a large gap was left where she occupied herself with the search; thankfully kitchens are also a great thing to research.

The cure for this search hangover is simple; get started on the next one. That’s great in theory but in the real world, watches are a luxury and there can’t always readily be a next one. I find myself in a position where it might be a year before I start looking at which watch next. Until then I’m really happy with the pieces I have and will likely look to reduce the number I have.

I wonder if this lack of vigour is something others have felt once a search is completed. If you are not actively searching for the next watch what is it that keeps your motivation going? Is it engaging with the watchfam? Perhaps it’s getting to know the watches you have better? Or could it be the chance of getting into Halfwatchtuesday’s Top picks.

Of course, we are in the month of Movember, which used to mean growing hair on your lip, but nowadays means lopping off your carefully crafted beard. It’s a great cause for many reasons so we fully endorse it. We also endorse @the _watchguy90’s homage to the Mo which also includes his pristine Farer Universal Markham Worldtimer, one of the stars of the recent Windup Watch fair NYC.

Speaking of the Big Apple it is also home of Tiffany’s. The watch geek in us has a love of those Tiffany stamped vintage Rolexes, but they also make a heck of a modern watch. The CT60 is not one for shorts and a t-shirt, so @dan__occasionally_likes_things has done it justice with a dapper sports jacket pocket shot.

Sports jackets, scarves, it’s obviously coming to the time of year to wrap up a bit more. We love the changing colours of autumn/fall as shown beautifully by @christianmilburn.

Speaking of colours, this tangy splash of yellow from @anton_lidrapranoto really brightened up of Halfwatchtuesday.

The Lange caseback is a joy to behold, however, it takes great photography skill to capture it in an image, thankfully we have @recoveringwatchaholic.

A toast to everyone who posted this week. Sit back and take a sip of whatever is your poison, be it a fine single origin or single malt just like @mywatches777


Shout outs

Movements make us tick. We have long appreciated @horageswiss watches for their unique almost industrial design language. This week they treated us to what beats on the inside, their K1 movement. Much like their cases and dials not only beautiful but functional with a 65-hour power reserve and well within COSC levels. We’d love to get hands-on with an Autark.

(editors note : soon very soon)

We are also delighted to welcome @circulawatches to Halfwatchtuesday. Hailing from the Black Forest you get a very distinctive Germanic feel from the Hertiage Hand-wound. The pristine white dial is complemented with vibrant blue hands and minute marker. Curcula also boasts an in house movement all inside a perfectly proportioned 39mm case. If you like the look of these beware they are limited to 499 pieces.

Finally, our last shout out goes to one of the stalwarts of the strap game @thewatchobession, providing the watchfam with a huge range of options since before it was called the watchfam. They were my first port of call when I bought my first luxury watch and remain leaders in the game.

I finish up this week with a get well soon message to my half-watch husband @a_second_after_midnight. Nic made a really good attempt at beating @rickticktalk to be the winner of the dead pool. All joking aside, it was a nasty slip off this bike and evidence should you need it that helmets save lives, get well soon buddy. And the rest of you all take care of yourselves and each other cos we want you all back again next week for another epic Halfwatchtuesday. Peace