#HalfWatchTuesday : Speedmaster v Scottish Weather

Now it may not seem as drastic as Thanos’ famous line from the Avengers: Endgame movie, however, fellow watch aficionados, it seems the ‘unthinkable’ has indeed happened. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my latest post regarding my Speedmaster and the utter disbelief at how a watch that, to be fair I baby quite a bit, somehow managed to get moisture underneath the sapphire. Now if this watch isn’t on my wrist, it’s in my watch box, in a safe, in a locked room within Gringotts bank guarded by the Kraken itself and is absolutely, I repeat absolutely nowhere near water.

(editors note: you do live in Scotland, right?)

Hence, one could imagine my surprise when packing it for the recent Hodinkee/Grand Seiko in Glasgow event a couple of weeks ago (side note – amazing night!! Gutted I missed the speeches but a great night nonetheless catch up with old friends, making new ones and viewing some quite simply stunning pieces) and I saw the unmistakable ‘fogging’ of the glass. Closer inspection revealed the telltale ‘spots’ on the underside of the sapphire and I knew then, my pride and joy was going to have to leave me for a while back to the Omega motherland.

Now as much as I could go on and on regarding this unfathomable event, the actual point of this article was to describe another new aspect of horology that I’d yet to experience up until about a week ago: that of the watch service. Walking into the Omega boutique with a distinct sombre-like expression on my face, I was met instantly by the familiar face of the assistant boutique manager who assisted me in the purchasing of said Speedmaster not less than a year previously. She soon shared my dour expression after explanation of my devastating news. From then on, however, the whole experience was nothing but completely professional. Everything was explained in its entirety to me, from possible causes of the moisture issue to what was involved in a full service to when I could expect said CK to be returned to me. I remember leaving the boutique far happier than when I entered, having been assured that my precious was in even safer hands. Obviously, this experience will be slightly different (I hope!) to any future service visits I have. Nevertheless, this experience has done everything to alleviate any fears that I had over the whole process.

So I guess there’s nothing more to do than sit and wait. Wait for her to be returned to me. It has got me thinking however, will I baby the Speedy even more than what I do now, now that this has happened? Or will I take comfort in the fact that I can be grateful for the extended warranty that Omega has for such events? Only time will tell I guess. What I can say is that I’m very much looking forward to the day my Speedy comes back to me. It’ll almost be like getting a new watch.

Now I’m sure most of you all out there have had experiences such as mine regarding service/repair issues. Maybe this was a wholly positive experience like mine or maybe it was significantly more difficult and heartwrenching. Either way, I am very interested to hear of your either positive or negative experience.  So answers on a postcard please.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

And now to the main event, the top pictures of the week! Creativity again off the scale this week guys, some really brilliant ideas folk are having every Tuesday!

Kicking us off this week is a rather imaginative Swatch shot by @the.automatic.diver who incorporates a clever use of both colour and dots to create this half-watch illusion. Creative genius if you ask me!

We here at #halfwatchtuesdsay don’t mind getting down and dirty in order to achieve that perfect half-watch shot. An idea shared it seems by @watchesnh who utilizes his GShock for the exact reason it was made: to cope with the messiness that life sometimes throws at us. Brilliant shot!

Now that’s a knife! @paraedc skillfully uses the metallic contrast between his Spinnaker and his knife to create a simply stunning shot. The lighting and the wood background just add to the aura of man vs. nature. Phenomenal capture buddy!

I, myself love a beer. So when seeing that @wildwristwatch took time out of his busy day purchasing a beer aptly named after our days of days to take this simply breathtaking shot of his Explorer, I knew I was looking at something special.

Working in cardiology myself, I am no stranger to the uses of ultrasound. Now, @the_watchnerd shot of his Swatch looks so uncannily like the spectrum of the Doppler effect, that I found myself utterly memorized by it! Really cool capture!

@watchesinnature comes out with some amazing pictures, not only of the world around him but also of his solid collection. This week’s picture is no different. Embedding his Seiko Presage within the fruity flesh of a dragonfruit definitely caught my attention. I hope your better half didn’t roll their eyes too hard at this wicked capture!

It took me a few glances to fully appreciate the inspiration behind @xalice.xo submission this week but once seen, the full creativeness behind it can be fully grasped! The mashup between real and illustration is just lovely, definitely a favourite of mine this week!

We here at #halfwatchtuesdsay don’t do favourites. But if we did @clockbait would be right up there! Taking time out of their busy schedules to take this stunning half Speedy flecto just brightened our day no end! Loving this shot guys!

Certainly not last and least is @harrythecool with can I say, a totally insane shot of his GMT Master II. The lighting, the angle, and the details: it’s just all so amazing, I’m honestly lost for words.

A few shoutouts this week to those new to the #halfwatchtuesdsay movement. First up, @dejongwatches who are soon to launch their first edition piece in mid-December. I have to say the pictures on their page of this piece look stunning. That white enamel dial with the blue hands looks particularly dreamy. Thoroughly recommend checking them out.

@monsterstraps then joins the #halfwatchtuesdsay party looking to bring with them quality with a capital ‘M’. As a self-proclaimed strap guy myself, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the various straps they had on show, their leather range looked particularly top-notch. Give them a check out guys!

Finally rounding off our fun this week is the guys from @sealswatches. Based out of California, they launch their Model A.5 in acid green later on next month and by the pictures of it in their page, we’re sure it is going to be a hit! Certainly a unique enough looking watch to turn heads and that green bezel is just drool-worthy! Good luck with the release guys!

Well that’s about all we’ve got time for folks. Humble thanks again to everyone who submitted this week and for those who continue to support us, it’s all very much appreciated.

Until next week, yours in horology