Scottish Watches Podcast #80 : Repairing Dr Who’s Watch, With Martin Walport

It’s episode 80, we think, and we take a trip into Glasgow to meet Martin Walport, owner of Martin’s of Glasgow. He’s also one of the top people to speak to in the country when it comes to getting your watch sorted or serviced … as ex-Dr Who David Tennant found out!

But we also have some Back to the Future vibes as well as Pink Floyd so we cover the full Music, Film and TV genres.

In a room full of clocks and whiskey we interview Martin Walport, who is wearing a 1963 gilt dial Rolex Explorer.

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Meanwhile, I am still blending sandwiches, with my new RickTickTalk patented sandwich blender, move over George Foreman (all the best memes are on our Facebook group so make sure you join).

Some discussion of Atmos Clocks, which are a fascinating horological rabbit hole.

Marc Newson ATMOS 568

This is a great episode so kick back and enjoy an hours chat full of stories from across the decades.

Then it is time to talk patina, and Martins personal dislike for “spider dials”

Great article here on all things Patina from Bobs Watches.

A “spider dial”


Martin now confirms our roles as watch influencers….otherwise known as….

by meth I am sure he means “method acting” which we both bring to the roles as two Scots Neds, from our training at RADA.

CasiOak anyone? Get them while they are hot at James Porter and Son Glasgow.

Ariel from ABTW reported on a potential new Q-Timex and our very own Sanford wrote this piece, please and read it so he stops complaining that I took out his Michael Jordan reference…go Celtics…..(first time at least one of our Glasgow based hosts has ever said that!).

…and the one they call handsome says it is ok now to show you this….

Some of our own Antiques Roadshow type stories.

One like this in particular. Full info from Time and Tide.

And the toughest watch around, this as discussed at Watch Gecko

Citizen “Ray Mears”

Then some final watches we just saw sitting around us.

Among them, this spectacular Jumbo Rolex on a NOS Rolex strap.

From the watch industries guilty little secret we wish you adieu…