Scottish Watches Podcast #79 : New Bond Omega, Richard Mille, Chopard and More

Show notes coming soon!….here they are.

Rikki starts by whispering sweet nothings in my ear….thats how the mind control stuff works.

MRI scan is fine, I am now going gluten-free, Rikki needs the extra weeks from me to will the dead pool.

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Told you Spaghetti grows on trees.

Rikki has decided to reveal the long con, buy trying to sell his Seiko Dawn Grey,

laying down the gauntlet to listeners to buy….

A shout out to H Moser airline technicians literacy scheme and as always for being funny.

so how must it feel to be the Chopard marketing team…

Film references for the week, Mall Cop and more

Tenn & Two are extending to two episodes a week the second of which will be being broadcast on the Hallmark Channel

New G-Shock News, this time in Titanium.

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Its Jimmy Bond time, check the article out.

There will be Seven Limited edition for the new movie of which this is the first……probably.

You also need to check out Jody at Just One More Watches latest.

and here is GQs latest video. Now is this is a sign that as the likes of Hodinkee and Revolution up their watch reporting into lifestyle that the big mens media mags are in response also upping their watch coverage game

Richard Mille launch a watch celebrating….eh……Airbus….whoop.

This is 1.5m CHF we think an Airbus A320 is about 100m CHF, go figure!

Check this out.


Then it is Adrian from Bark and Jack, we have just added scarcity to the current edition straps, buy them before they never return!

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And to finish some colour and some cost….wow.

Some dark hardness from Sangin

and some properly priced ltd edition from Hanhart

Enjoy the show