Scottish Watches Podcast #78 : Dedicated to Carl Ruiz – Plus Oris, Patek, Breitling and More

It’s a good one this week, if I do say so myself, Rikki got us underway with a great Mont Blanc meme.

But this episode is dedicated to the Chef, RIP, and some of his best Horological contributions.

Wristwatch check consists of the below for me, the lovely Redcliff below from Fears Watch Company.

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

and this little number from, the Russian Mob I think

Did you see our unboxing, with extra special effects?

Have you seen Adrians logo, it has been reported missing?

Maybe some military discipline is what is needed, a bit like what Floatlite brings to the watch party.

But stuff all this watch talk this is more important.

Then we have our mystery unboxing, which we cannot now talk about.

All we can tell you is it is truly stunning and a Grand Seiko and will be yours for £6000 limited edition of 900.

Then some news for our first Scottish Watches evening, and a prescription for an MRI scan.

Then some news from Patek and Breitling.

You can find a good summary here from SJX

What is going on with this case back?

Star of the show for me.

Breitling has a hoard of new releases.

Read all about them from our friends at A Blog To Watch

Then time to blow our trumpets.

Obviously, this list is in reverse order, here

Check out the Omega Speedmaster X-33 article on the website, in particular, the end.

We finally got to see the Oris Pro Pilot X, despite the fact that the good folk in Fraser Hart have never seen Oris Bear, or dressed for that matter.

while the pro pilot divides opinion this set should be looked at.

Then it is time for the @Flying_Spring_Bar, just ignore him, and make sure Gary does not write any technical manuals for you.

Enjoy the show!