Scottish Watches Podcast #77 : With Nicholas Bowman-Scargill from Fears Watch Company and Rolex

Today you join us for as live coverage of Hodinkee printing money, and all in the good company of Nick (a.k.a No 4) from Fears Watch Company.

To be honest, we forgot all about wristwatch checks, so move along nothing to see here.

$265,000 later and various parts for Ben Climbers (sic) Porshe collection we talk to Nick about what is happening in the world of Fears watches.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

We have the concluding of the production of the quartz Redcliff so if you want one form an orderly line, in particular, check out the limited-edition “Streamline”, which we have on review, a review of which you will see soon and a live IG unboxing you can now find on the YouTube channel. 

Excuse the potato camera quality, Pret in Glasgow has shitty wifi so its all gone a bit Nokia 3310.

We flag up the bad news of the death of Chef Carl Ruiz, who was, our favourite ever watch guest appearance on the Watch and Listen podcast.

and a much older sad departure of the founder of Fears watches.

Does this count as patina? should Nick add lume or a sundial?

We chat about the Midas and standard Brunswick which will now be a stock item and take a deep dive into the pros and cons of Sellita v ETA movements, and there respective places in the world of watches and watch snobbery.

We fulfil our clickbait temptation and delve into No 4s past, when he was at Rolex and get his take on some questions you asked us on Instagram.

Have a look at this article from Watches London for some Kermit discussion.

Can Rolex really increase supply to meet demand and does it take a year to make a Rolex, and is it a nice place to work, fun even?

Finally, find out about the Watchmakers Club meet for November and a Fears World Tour, including Nashville, we warned him, honestly, we did.

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…and Hodinkee did sell out, but not in the space of the show, like every other occasion, is the end finally nigh!

Enjoy the Show.