Scottish Watches Podcast #71 : Oris Big Crown ProPilot X, Bell & Ross BR05 & Tudor Black Bay News

Fresh from an Instagram Live, which was fun and which you should all look out for – it is time for a new show.

Lots to talk about, but firstly we return to Rikki Watchmaker and him sandpapering his full metal G-Shock, successfully as it turns out.

I, however, am not cleaning my Panerai and we will see the full video of the damage and dirt sometime soon.

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Fantasy watch box this week is the Patek 5235G for me.

For Rikki it is inspired by this article from Worn and Wound

(it wasnt, Rick doesnt listen, it was from their podcast interview)

This is the one Rikki wants

We have three new releases to talk about this week and none of them are from Omega

First up Oris. Big Crown ProPilot X, you will hear our view here also is Oris playboy Adrian view, next time Oris give us the freebies and we will even buy one.

We ask are Oris being very careful (listen up Bremont) about how they avoid saying just “in house” for this movement.

But it is the price which is the killer, between this and a Zenith Defy Classic, don’t think many would go Oris.

Our interview with Oris is here to listen to if you havent already done so – it’s a cracker. Just watch out for the bomb disposal squad joke!

Oris Podcast –

… and Archie weighs in with his calm and collected thoughts too…

Just for you Omega, you should have released something new this week, to distract from your 321 movement.  3min 15sec is where you want to start

And finally from Oris, how about those environmental creds asks @the_watchnerd

Next up Bell & Ross BR05, but it does not have the screw, so screw it I am not buying one.

Have a look at A Blog To Watch for all your unscrewing needs

But this one will make it to our end of year shortlist for Gold Watches.

Check out your local Redbar Chapter, for us, it is @Redbarglasgow @redbaredinburgh or @redbarmcr and we also have a new indy one with @yourkshirewatchclub, check these all out they are great.

Then it is Tudors turn, just what is going on, a watch for the Rugby World Cup that it appears you cannot actually buy, unlike this one which is ” All Black”

This one nope, not for you Sir, referees only.

Ok lets just accept this is still an Omega show.

want one of these, there is one in Mappin and Webb / Omega in Glasgow.

But I would have this one from EWC first, the Breguet Type XXI in Gold

Now some car stuff. 300mph yes please…

…and some sporty electric whizz…yes yes please.

And we finish on some reviews, please leave us a 5 star one, we don’t care if it is not for us, just so long as it is 5 star.

Enjoy the show!