#Halfwatchtuesday 21 Honey, I Think I’m Saturated Here…

And we are back, once again, for another installment of #halfwatchtuesday! Those of you tuning into Omair’s triumphant return will have no doubt read that as he was so enlightened by our ‘enforced separation’, that we have decided to continue our ‘ménage a Deux’ and share the responsibility for writing this article. So, for the weeks that I write this, I again wholeheartedly apologise for not maintaining this fine piece of literary work that Omair indeed proclaims.

So, this week’s topic. How this all came about was after a recent conversation I was having with Omair regarding his conundrum over whether to stick with his pre-order for the Halios Seaforth or to forgo that and purchase the Anordain Model 2 instead. It was a comment that Omair made about worrying about being too ‘oversaturated’ with watches and it got me thinking as to whether one could have too many watches, and if so, how many is the ‘ideal’ amount to have.

(Editors Note: for those that don’t want to read on, it is Nick that is writing this week after all, the ideal number, where “n” = watches you own is a simple formula. n + 1 is the number of watches you think would satisfy, n – 1is how many watches you should have, n = 0 is how many your other half thinks is needed because you have a mobile phone for the time and n = 1 is how many you actually need.)

As always, this is impossible to answer in everybody’s case, so I thought I’d give my opinion on this as is relevant to me. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I currently have four watches in rotation (I won’t name them all) but essentially 3 divers and a chronograph. Now anyone looking at this modest collection may surmise that I could possibly use something dressier or something more tool-based, which may be correct. However, does one need every type of watch (diver, chrono, tool, dress etc.) in their collection for it to be ‘complete’? I don’t necessarily think so. As it turns out, the next two watches that I am currently looking at obtaining next are in fact a dress watch and a chrono, specifically the Nomos Tangente Silvercut with the grey brushed 39mm dial and/or the Zenith El Primero Chronomaster with the silver 38mm dial. Now these watches, particularly the Nomos, are not in the ‘pipeline’ because they would fill a collective void in my collection, far from it. I want them because I really like the watches. Like, really really.

Further to this though, is the thought about can one have too many watches? I think this answer will vary wildly depending on whom you talk to!! Partners of watch aficionados like yourselves may think that yes, there is a clear limit. Ourselves, maybe not so much. Although I do think, and this may just be me, that it may come down to how often you will actually wear said watches. I’d imagine most of the watch family, are able to wear watches as part of their daily wear. I work in the National Health Service, which means I am unable to do so. Which means that my watch wear, if you like, is really centered on weekends and weeknights, if at all. Now, one may argue that if you’re not wearing a watch every day like me, does one need a big collection. Again, no right answer to the above but it makes for interesting thinking. And I am interested in what you all think about this. So, answers on a postcard.

So, without further ado, the part we’ve all really been waiting for, the top picks of the week!! As always, we received so many wonderful submissions, the creativeness of people is just off the chart!! Alas, we can only have a few tops picks, believe me, we would have all and every pic if we could.

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Starting off this weeks top picks is a cracking Daytona shot by @mo_watches. Mate, you’re absolutely right, #halfwatchtuesday isn’t over until the fat lady sings and we were certainly singing to high doe with this submission!

Next up, @mr_milgauss channels his inner Scot with a stunning shot of his Anordain Model 2. That blue dial is something else and it is going to do nothing to quell Omair’s inner thirst for this watch, might I add!

@westondphotography then pops up with a shot right out of any child’s imagination. Lodging his Lorus amongst Nerf Bullets speaks to me on so many levels and takes me right back to those Saturday afternoon gun fights with my two boys, happy times. Sweet shot buddy!

Now @strixpixmix has submitted some amazing shots for #halfwatchtuesday in the past but this weeks one, I don’t mind saying, is amongst his best yet! A beautiful shot of his Seiko Monster reflected over coffee was just different level. Phenomenal!!

@anton_lidrapranoto then goes old proper old school with a sweet shot of his vintage Seiko. Amazing contrast with the mesh bracelet, really well photographed. That brushed blue dial is just lovely on the eye.

Looking through his profile, @twomanywrist has some really amazing watch captures, particularly those of his Barracuda Oyster. This week’s submission is no different, using the light very much to his advantage to pull off a brilliant shot. Beautiful shot buddy!

Reflection shots, I find, are always the most difficult to pull off, so when I see one that grasps my attention, I’m always left insanely jealous. @iwcfishcrown was the recipient of that jealously this week with a quite frankly ridiculous reflective shot off his IWC. I’m speechless with this one.

Now, what can I say about @aggressivetiminghabits? A few weeks ago, after the whole microbrand debacle, I could have killed him!! We’ve come good and are pals once again, so I’m glad I didn’t kill him, as otherwise, we’d have missed out on a phenomenal half lume shot of his OP, which can I say just screams awesomeness. Brilliant work mate! J

And last, but by certainly not least, the relative newcomers to #halfwatchtuesday, those two over at @scottishwatches decide to drop a wee shot of an entry-level Credor into the mix. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe that movement.

A final shoutout and new to the #halfwatchtuesday movement must go out to American watch brand @visitorwatchco. Fresh out of Indiana, they look to bring some Indie feel back to the watch market. The Linden piece, particularly in a white dial with its black cross hair printed on the dial, looks particularly sharp. Definitely worth a look guys!!

Finally, a shoutout has to go to the lucky winner of out 2K giveaway, @thewatchzealot who is now the proud owner of a simply stunning half watch Explorer shot from the extremely talented @eleven11prints. Thanks again for everyone who posted!!

And just like that, our time has come to an end. Next week, I’m sure Omair will be back to discuss his watch conundrum. To be fair, it wouldn’t surprise me if he proclaims that he just went and bought the Model 2 as well as the Halios. It seems he gets paid an awful lot of money for not a great amount of actual work. Bliss if you can get it J.

Until next week, yours in horology


Nic and Omair