Scottish Watches Podcast #66 : Weekend Watch Chat

Perhaps not the most petty and ill informed podcast, but certainly still aiming to be cheerful, and now with added jokes courtesy of the Edinburgh fringe festival top jokes of 2019.

Love n Watches are back and Tenn and Two are going strong, but my jokes are better than both.

Loads of watch talk, for a change.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

We speak about a unique FP Journe collection and some other fantasy vintage watches like the VC 222, you can see a number of these at the A Collected Man website.


I do NOT have a new car, honest – but it just goes to prove a point that waiting lists exist for luxury items and you dont see people with pitchforks demanding Porsche up production of their cars to satisfy current demand.

We have a chat about the latest Paul Thorpe video and discuss the stuff we agree with and the stuff we dont, 5 is definitely in the top 10 according to Kats fingers.

No Rolex click bait here.

Liking the new Hodinkee podcast format, less so their “borrowing” of two of our ideas.

Guess what Omega have another new release…gee us peace. Rolex call the lawyers. Google have called the lawyers for our Eastenders tune….think technically Clockbait are liable.

So what do we think the Teddy video with MVMT will be like, will it live upto the “take down” hype or will it be a damp squib?

We have had our fantasy watch box, but now our fantasy interview schedule.

And is the story about Rolex Ads insisting on engraving case back true, we think not, unless YOU can prove it, although Goldsmiths do have some official Rolex Ltd editions.

But not as Ltd edition as the Rolex DaytonaJust…Rikki kindly helped the AD out.

We now have another Speedmaster video now we have 1000 subscribers on YouTube so find and subscribe now.

Some other recommendations check out the leather working video featured by Fears Watches.

But avoid the Tudors from our Polish friend but check the naked watchmakers latest.

Revolution Watches Ltd edition Sinn and the two ltd edition Zodiacs appear to have sold out something funny is going on with Timex Snoopy orders and Akura have refunded all the money for their Kickstarter.

…and now we have the official Scottish Watch Swatch….with Edinburgh on it….yeah not going to be a big seller in Glasgow.

And we would like to welcome on board Edinburgh Watch Company who are now supporting Scottish Watches and working with us on future projects.

With news of the new Jimmy Bond film coming out they got in touch to let us know of a mint condition Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre edition watch they have just got in and are now selling. Check out the video below for all the details.

More info on the EWC website here too :

And some article recommendations from our website.

Enjoy the show.