Scottish Watches Podcast #62 : Ricks Reunited

The gang is back together and we have a full-on show for you today.

We start with my visit to Florida, I did not go here

But I did go here, I turned right!!!

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

I recommend the waffles at Keke’s breakfast and the Stainless Steel Bvlgari Octo Finissimo, here is a review from QP Magazine

We both bought these and so now 1%+ of all the Limited Editions are in Scottish Hands.

…and I may have accidentally tripped, banged my head and bought a 50-year-old designed watch that is not waterproof, yet lives in Scotland, is manual wind and yet has no power reserve indicator, but none the less is uber cool….if a tad small for my Panerai adjusted eyesight.

But there were two other watches this week that have been on my mind.

This Czapek & Cie which is in the Laings Shop, go in and have a look ask for Grant. Please be assured it looks better than my photo.

…and this from our pals at @edinburghwatchcompany, just look at that dial.

Rikki has been obsessing over this for the last week from Linde Werdelin, here is the great Tim Mosso reviewing… hopefully on the podcast soon, our people are speaking to his people!

Then we deal with the big talking points, guns, toll roads and cutlery….fork in the left, knife in the right, it is simple folks. There is a reason you set the table that way, we are handing the job on to TGV to gentrify you all.

Talking of TGV he has put out a great video along with a James Bond collector, so check that out.

This is the Underpants watch from @thesmilingassasin13 thanks can’t unsee that now.

Photo from Random Rob video

Why is everyone setting up podcasts, are we inspiring or just making it look too easy?

Then we talk Paul Thorpe watches, sofas and back story.

Here is the Wikiwatchleaks video:

Final shout out to Stephanie @shewatchestheworld you can find her Hodinkee interview here, we will be getting her on the show soon.

Enjoy the show!