#HalfWatchTuesday 15: The Lunar Eclipsed

Wait! Before the mere mention of anything moon related makes you switch off (or turn on), I understand we have been inundated with space exploration stuff recently; we are here to be the tonic.

Such was the explosion of Moon Landing euphoria that speedy owners got not one but two days to rejoice at one of the greatest feats of man (and woman) kind. But what of the rest of us. In a way even non-speedy Omega owners had to run for cover. As always, we at HWT HQ were happy to be your outlet and welcome all comers.

It did get me thinking though, has the Speedmaster Moonwatch now overshadowed the rest of the Omega collection and is the brand in danger of becoming know just for one watch, much like AP is for the Royal Oak for example?

Don’t get me wrong the Speedy is well-deserving of its place in horological history and had I been a chrono guy I would likely be an owner. However, with such a degree of attention on it, several other great Omega models get left in its shade and perhaps unfairly. The Railmaster, Aquaterra, the Seamaster 300 are all great watches, perhaps more suited to the rigors of daily life, but the Moon Speedy is the current golden boy.

This isn’t a go at Omega, far from it, we perhaps do think of watch brands by their most prominent models, the El Primero, the Nautilus, the Royal Oak, the Seaforth. And companies are absolutely correct in then giving them the limelight.

What happens if you spread it out though and give each model in the range it’s time in the spotlight? Can you increase demand for all watches in the range?  Is that what Rolex do? They’ve focused on the Submariner, then the GMT, for a short period this year the Milgauss, and lo and behold, anyone will take any stainless-steel model they can get their hands on.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

I understand there are many reasons why Rolex are desirable, but I will happily have the argument that Omega is now their equal in quality, if not value retention and desirability.

In the end it matters not, if you want the golden watch of a stable you can be happy in the knowledge you will have on your wrist something that is instantly recognisable to many a watch fan. If you chose to go for a less illustrious model, you know it can probably be had a nicer price without the rigmarole of waitlists, everyone wins.

So many a watch was in the shade of the Speedy this week, but that did not stop our halfwatchtuesdayers coming out in full force to serve up some sunny delights. Much like a Lunar eclipse, the use of shadow and light were utilised to stunning effect. So, without further ado, Nic will take you through this week’s top pics.

Once again, the quality of #halfwatchtuesday pics is off the charts!! Unfortunately, Omair and myself have the unenviable task of whittling these down, which I can tell you are a tough, tough process. Nevertheless, we have done so and here are your top picks of the week.

First up, it’s a cracking Railmaster shot from @watches_abr. The lume just pops on this and he wasn’t half wrong by saying that “omega makes more than Speedmasters! As this is the case @watches_abr, expect a call from their marketing department anytime soon!



Next up @tyruswatches returns to the show, this time with his half submerged Titan capture. I have not been fortunate to actually hold this in the flesh yet, which I am hoping happens in the near future, as I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice! That white dial and sword hands look ace! Send one to me guys 😉

Just a regular guy with a regular hobby….indeed @worn.on.the.wrist but nothings ordinary about capturing that Seamaster in all its glory!! Half-day, half night but just all spectacular! This may actually push me more towards getting a Seamaster to compliment my Speedy, and if I do, its shots like this that I would wholeheartedly blame! Sweet work buddy!

Just when you thought you wouldn’t get any more half day, half night, half watch shots, @chicolabronse_emgwatches comes and smashes it out the park with a sublime capture of the Horizon. A microbrand I’ve recently started following recently due to their half watch involvement and I have to say I am thankful for!! Such clean tones, particularly the Nemo I have to say! Nice work guys!

Right, I don’t know if I can take any more half-watch awesomeness!! Omair, this is more difficult than I thought. @watchkuu just comes in and takes my breath away, not only for the amazing picture of this Seiko, but to also quote Yoda (yes, I am slightly geek-ish like that) is just different level.

What is there to say about @clockbait? We love them here at #halfwatchtuesday we love their enthusiasm for watches, we love their attitude, but most of all we LOVE their developing bromance with @scottishwatches J. Yet, just when you thought you couldn’t love them anymore, they send us the Polar submerged in ice…just…wow…

More half light half dark awesomeness, this time from @bigwawtch who captures the Panerai in all its giant glory! I’m not going to lie, and those of you also who may be unblessed with slightly smaller wrists, may not be able to pull such a watch off, nevertheless, one can admire it all just the same of the wrist.

And last but certainly not least, we have @horo_clock who rounds it off spectacularly with the Rolex OP Day date, looking particularly stunning showing off that amazing dial. What a way to end it all!


No article would be complete without a few shoutouts to those brands who joined the fun on #halfwatchtuesday and we are delighted to welcome on board three which may not yet be familiar names, but are delivering excellent pieces at their price point.

Before we hit them up, we also appreciate when some of our favourite accounts join us as was the case when @affordablewristtime dived in to show off the Seamaster 300m professional in all its glory with some amazingly clean photography skills. It truly humbles us that we could be on the radar of such illustrious accounts (cue “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy”!). Thank you.




First up @whitbywatchco who is inspired from Canada (I was in Canada recently, amazing place) showing off their Intrepid Diver. Looks a solid watch from a solid company, would definitely recommend checking them out.

Definitely, some vintage-styled next from @beaufortwatches with the prototype for their new Aerotimer. We have seen them come up regularly on our feed and are delighted they joined the halfwatch party. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a blue dial, but this dial looks to be some else, deep royal crimson blue, enough for one to lose their soul in, and with a lesser implemented California dial containing both Roman and Arabic numerals for the indices certainly introduces a different angle on things.

And again, last but not least, we welcome @patriawatchco to the #halfwatchtuesday table. After many fruitful conversations with Omair regarding what #halfwatchtuesday was all about, we were both pleasantly astounded at the response of their vintage-inspired, chronographic goodness. We certainly hope that these guys are able to squeeze us into their no doubt busy lifestyles with more such amazingness.

Well guys that’s the wrap, so to speak. Keep sending us all your pics; we do enjoy looking at each and every one. (Un) fortunately Omair is away gallivanting somewhere on a beach (J) for a couple weeks, so you’ll all have to put up with my amazing chat rather than listening to Omair’s nonsense. But until next Tuesday….


Yours in horology


Omair and Nic