News : Christopher Ward Gets £6.25 million Investment

Christopher Ward have been an awesome brand to us here at Scottish Watches from the very first few weeks we were starting this website and began our podcast, so we appreciate them giving a completely unknown entity a lot of time and access when we were literally  2 episodes and a couple of articles old.

So it was exciting to hear today that the company has just had an extra investment of over £6 million from BGF to help grow the business and move forward in the wonderful world of wristwatches.

CEO and co-founder Mike France said “We’ve made great progress in fourteen years, establishing really solid foundations and feel the time is now right to “spread the Ward” to even more people worldwide. The team at BGF understood this, are as excited as we are about creating a truly great brand and business and we are delighted to have them as our partner for the next phase of the journey.”

We’re now eager to see what new developments appear on the horizon from the brand and we’ve heard some rumours of exciting new pieces coming in the next few months on the road to winter.