Watchnerd’s No-nonsense Guide To Watch Straps

Looking for a new way to show off your favorite watch? Two things, you need ideas and you need to know what you are talking about. will help you decide which strap is best for you. Our experts have prepared a no-nonsense guide to watch straps to help you choose. By the way, if you have time, we estimate that there are as many watch straps, colors, and styles as there are people. Let’s cut to the chase.


Nope, you’re wrong. Not THAT NATO. A NATO watch strap is a classic all nylon webbing style watch strap that is at home on a wide variety of watches. While some can be quite expensive, NATO straps can range from $15 to $135 depending on what you are looking at. The idea here is to be stylish, colorful, and easy to change from one strap to the other. Installing a strap is as easy. Slip the strap through the pins and adjust the position so it sits where you like it on your wrist. You will find solid colors, pastels, rep patterns, and prints. Change your strap and you update your look. Here’s a tip, replace a worn, dirty ragged strap. Keep it fresh and snappy looking. Have a supply and use them all!


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The President bracelet strap is associated with the ROLEX President. This is a smart looking 3 piece, semi-circular link bracelet. Rolex introduced the President bracelet in 1956 to complement their Day-Date watches. It is available only in solid gold or platinum. The design was to be a heavier feeling bracelet than the Oyster that was flexible and elegant. The bracelet closes with the help of a CrownClasp. The clasp creates a seamless look all the way around the bracelet.


This is a five-link bracelet which has been available on a wide range of watches over the years. You’ll see the Jubilee on the recent Rolex Pepsi and Batman models. This design is versatile and feels soft and supple when wearing it. The bracelet is more refined in its look than the oyster. Refinements to the Jubilee have never left the five pin design behind. It is available in every metal combination except for platinum and white gold. You’ll see the Jubilee on a lot of different watches depending on the year. Currently, the Jubilee is an option on the Datejust and the GMT-Master II lines.


This watch strap features cutouts on both sides of the band. Depending on the maker of the watch, the design will vary. Most often seen in leather or rubber, it denotes a feeling of racing and competition. Take your rally strap with you the next time you have the 911 out and are planning to blast through mountain roads.


The Oyster bracelet is Rolex’s original in-house bracelet design. It is the only bracelet style that is available as an option on every single line of Rolex watches. The oyster is the only bracelet
style made in every single metal type/combination. The Submariner and Explorer are only available with an Oyster bracelet.
The Oyster bracelet is a three-link design. The links are large and flat. It is most robust of the bracelets Rolex offers. The refinements and updates over the years have freshened up the look. It is essentially the same look since its introduction.


This is your go-to option for a watch you may want to get wet. A good dunking never stopped the waffle. This rubber strap is at home swimming, fishing, surfing, even the Jacuzzi. Use your imagination; take a chance, these straps can go from very technical to frivolous. You’ll find rubber straps on watches into the six figures so don’t be shy. Like the NATO, the waffle is at home in every setting you can imagine. Start with black then work your way through the color spectrum. Find several you like and you are in business. You may even find a 6 pack of colors. Always remember to measure pin width before you buy. Straps come in around at a standard width of 18mm or 20mm so make sure you know what your measurement is.


Choosing a watch strap is about style. Go ahead, take the plunge, express yourself, and take a chance. After all, your wristwatch is with you always. Enjoy your timepiece with a variety of straps. Straps come in the most basic leather and cloth all the way to exotics like python and crocodile. Titanium, rubber, paracord, links large or small, hydrophobic leather, even solid 18k gold. That’s the point, you have a choice. You don’t need permission to express yourself. Go ahead; slip a NATO on your Pepsi. We won’t tell.

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