#HalfWatchTuesday13: The Original Sinn

Hey guess what! We’re walking!! Yes, it’s been but a short 13 weeks since we hurtled down the Instagram birth canal into the loving grasp of our first-time hashtag parents @a_second_after_midnight and @jumpingjalapeno. We suckled from a_second’s ample teat for strength and warmth whilst we got used to the Instagram world around us.

A hashtag, an account, or any role for that matter is much like a baby who faces many a milestone. Having gone from not being able to do much, we have learned to fart, eat, crawl and now with your help are emboldened to ditch the crawling for those first few steps on our journey upward, don’t get me wrong we will still shit our pants fairly regularly.

And shit our pants we did at the latest installment of Halfwatchtuesday. Last week you will remember a stellar week for those microbrands we will always love, this week brought a different beast.

We never have an impression of what any given week might hold, so we were well and truly caught with our pants down when none other than Sinn joined the half-watch party!

Fresh from a stellar Baselworld where their green dial 104 was one of the highlights and a Red Dot Award for the very special Mission Timer EZM 12, Sinn is a company which its own design language (a Sinn looks like a Sinn and nothing else), and continually strives to give it’s consumers something new. I say all this as for years I felt I made the wrong choice for my first meaningful watch and had wished it was the 104. For us to feature on their radar at all is truly remarkable and speaks volumes of the way they operate.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a colleague’s Blue 103 Sa B E and fell in love with it. It’s the first and last chronograph I would ever need to buy. For Halfwatch Tuesday Sinn treated us to a stunning image of the blacked-out 857 S antimagnetic pilot watch, which looks like it could handle the toughest of conditions. @sinn_spezialuhren thank you for joining the fun and helping us feel like we hit another milestone.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

I’ve already mentioned two models from Sinn I’d happy own, there is a third I hanker after which I came to know about from the submissions on Halfwatch Tuesday, and quite aptly it featured this week, so without further ado let’s dive straight into this week’s Top Pics.

The third Sinn is the exquisite 809 owned by @bradwatch. There’s nothing I don’t love about this watch, from the dial to the hands and the steel bezel; an absolute cracker, which he won’t give me, aw well it was worth a shot.

The Scottish summer came and went last week, it was an epic four days and the longest summer on record for 40 years, @wristwatchwatch, shows off with a great flecto shot using something called sunglasses, apparently used to shield eyes from sunlight, obsolete north of the wall.

If you are looking got some sun @flywatch is the guy to take you there. His BLNR gets up close and personal with the turbine….brave man.


Who doesn’t love a good dial @watchrant had a real treat for us with a stunning Lundis Bleus dial. Apparently using eleven different shades of enamel to mesmeric effect. The end result is simply stunning.

We love a good lume shot. @clockbait were all set to get a spot in top pics.


(editors note, I have called him Tony long enough that Anthony and Luke deserve a wee feature)

until late in the day when in flew @thejames80 and the SLA017 with one of the most perfect lumeshots I’ve ever set eyes upon. I mean just look at it!

Staying on the Seiko lume theme @ hands.faces.cases was not going to be outdone with this brilliant perspective on another icon the Marine Master.

Quick story. I was at the Geneva motor show a few years back with my brother and father-in-law. Whilst in town we checked out the boutiques, some gave us a welcome reception, some a bit of a cold shoulder. I made a B-line for the MB&F boutique when I saw it, it was easily the most atmospheric and had the best vibe; in the first instance, you wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what it sold. The staff inside were awesome, one asked if I wanted to try on something, ‘heck yes’. I sat down a gazed at the legacy machine which adorned my wrist in wonder, I asked how much this mechanical wonder was. “150” was the answer.  Over my shoulder popped my father-in-law, “Son let’s buy three”….”150 thousand CHF” I corrected him, his record for fastest 100m time in the over 50 category still holds. The reception we got in the boutique has always stuck with me and made me appreciate the brand even more, so it is fitting @gmtea_ takes his place this week with the jaw-dropping Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar.

Editor’s Choice. Our editor @rickticktalk received this fantastic post from none other than Anonymous. We feel privileged they took the time out of their busy schedule cyber attacking the shit out of big corporations to give us a bit of attention. We have also made them promise no more Instagram outages. What’s that? Oh, wanted to remain anonymous.

How much do we actually know about @rikkiwatches? There is no record of his existence prior to Scottish watches; he’s a ghost. Perhaps we get a clue from his latest post featuring equally shadowy figure Michael Knight. Amazing staging for #hoffwatchtuesday


Last up for top pics is #halfwatchtuesday stalwart @theticktockcollector with a superb transition shot of this lovely military-inspired Ollech and Wajs number. Never heard of them? Well read on.

Shout outs

We were spoilt for choice with the number and range of super cool brands who decided to join us on HWT. On our last meeting @theticktockcollector just muttered the words, “you don’t wanna see what O&W are about to bring out”. Who? I hit the internet to check out @ollechandwajs and was met with two very appealing jet fighter inspired pieces practically ready for dispatch. At a shade over 39mm with 300m WR we can see these being a super hit. The colourway of the P-104 is so eye-catching but the vintage looks of the P-101 will get many a tongue waging also. Thanks for posting guys.

I’m a support local kinda guy. I like to support my local businesses, eat locally grown food etc, so I was super delighted to see one of our own Scottish brands post the first studio picture of a new colourway of their much-anticipated upcoming Wayfarer. There is so much to admire about this piece (and a great review on this site). Personally, I think grey is the pick of the bunch. Many thanks to @akuratime, we get the feeling the Wayfarer is going to be a huge hit.

Next up we welcome @guinandwatches with bold pilot inspired chronographs at a compelling price point. If some of the watches feel familiar a brief look into their history will reveal why. They showed off their sophisticated ‘Pilot Officer’ which come equipped with the Valjoux 7753 inside. Truly great looking watches. Check out their website for more information.

Finally, for shout outs, this week is @jpcustomwatches. Just two minutes talking to Joe and you can tell he just loves making watches for customers. His simple no-nonsense designs work great as everyday watches that won’t break the bank. Looks like he had a bit of fun making this splatter dial. Best of luck mate.

Anyway guys, as the adrenaline from this week’s installment ebbs away, we are left with a warm glow that you have instilled into us. It has been the biggest Halfwatch Tuesday to date. When we say we appreciate every post we mean it and do our best to interact with everyone. The quality is so outrageous you have @katlenschmidt pulling her hair out. We couldn’t be more grateful for the community we feel part of. We are just ironing out the details to our next (hopefully) fun addition to the antics and will inform you as soon as we have it sorted. Look forward to seeing all the action next week. Thanks.


Omair & Nic