Scottish Watches Podcast #54 : With Adam Craniotes From RedBar and Revolution Magazine

Well, we are a day late, but then two of the three wrist checks are also a day late, and when you hear all the editing for the sweary words you will understand why.

Adam does seem to have recorded his audio actually inside his PC. But on with the show.

We welcome Adam from RedBar and now Revolution Magazine.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

We are sorry Ariel for putting ideas into Adams’ head, can we still have you back on the show?

We reminisce over Hotmail and AOL accounts, have you still got yours?

Wristwatch checks of a Silver Snoopy and an Apollo 8 and a fantasy Cartier, and then a warning about swearing which only seems to encourage him, I think as Scots we probably should just not have mentioned it.

Well, we are all “not here to *#@! spiders” so on with the show.

We talk Limited editions and Hodinkee, Revolution and Redbar and then, well we do talk TGV so stick around for that.

We get a potted history of Redbar and ask the important question, where does @floatlite get his dress sense and his money and does he live in a house build from Speedmaster boxes?

Are there any Forensic accountants that can volunteer their services, time to start that chatter.

Rikky then performs a magnificent segway into the fundraising activities of Redbar and apparently there is no money for an Adam Craniotes painting for the Redbar office…..really?

and we advance to Adams collection history and the discussion of “living in interesting times” in the watch industry.

Oh and then we talk the Hoff.

Because why not.

Enjoy the show.

P.S then comes the TGV chat, it is very good and continues to be revealing.

P.P.S don’t forget about the Invicta chat