Scottish Watches Podcast #52 : With Special Guest Harlan from

Celebrity Watch Deathmatch Rolex Jujitsu v MontBlanc Taekwondo

We welcome Harlan and our new best friend Paul to the latest episode.

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Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

We do our most “Jingley Jangley” wristwatch check


Paul then channels his inner Miyagi

Harlan is the Managing Editor from and tells us all about it and how he got involved and what he does now, for example, he gets to get hold of these. Not a bad gig.

Harlan reflects on the condition of the watch world in 2019, we deny we either know what we are doing or that we even look like we know what we are doing.

We then talk about one of my favorite, less spoken of brands, Ferdinand Berthoud

and now the money shot.

We then talk papercuts and bleeding in Swiss watch factories, and we introduce Rikki to the wonders of “do not unscrew”, that’s unscrew Rikki, and in return, he shows off his IWC charm bracelet.

As a reviewer of lots of luxury watches the most recent Christopher Ward resident at Rikki’s caught Harlen unawares, but the brand that really floats his boat is L.U.C Chopard, check them out.

GPHG winner.


Just to lower the tone, we then talk memes, and life goals.

We look forward to Wristreviews top 5 Podcasts article hitting the interwebs soon,

and big thanks to Paul, he says you need to subscribe, like and comment.

But here are some memes to keep you going in the meantime…