Scottish Watches Podcast #41 : We Talk Double Fingers and The New Omega Seamen

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Welcome to Episode 41 or 39, yup we are back to that problem again.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

It is the one and probably only day of summer in Scotland so we record outside or with the windows open….Taps Aff

Time flys when you are having fun unless you are on a Rolex waiting list.

We talk Rolex for the purposes of google juice and then move on.

Phone rings again, sales call, go away.

We plan our live episode for Scottish Watches at the Argyle Arcade.

We create a new game although as this episode is out of sequence it is now an old game so that I am no longer wearing the Panerai.

We discuss a bit about one of the previous episodes with No4 from Fears Watches and about our lunch in the Blue Oyster Club a la Police Academy and model railways.

So now we are talking about model railways….. I give you Miniature Wonderland…not just railways.


We then speak about Mühle-Glashütte and MeisterSinger who were both represented at James Porter and Sons by the owners and CEOs.

Both great brands with some really gorgeous watches worth checking out.

My favourite was this one.

and this is the one I have a bit of a difficulty describing.

We say hi to the Sterns and look forward to our Limited Edition Pateks and look forward to another watch evening out in Edinburgh with Chisholm Hunter and Oris.

Rikki lowers the tone and then lowers it some more.

Love N Watches are back but the video you must check out is from Wei Koh..episode 50 maybe?

Uncensored: The Hour Glass Interviews Wei Koh

But have we reached peak watch…is it all over?

Is it nicer to just window shop and try out than to even own them or should we just bite the bullet and set up a Scottish Watches Tinder page.

It then all goes rapidly downhill and we end up talking about children’s TV, it is where all conversations eventually end up..NSFW, but mainly because you will wet your seat.

We also have another big interview lined up, though we are struggling to make it through the vetting process, Rikki’s solution appears to be arson with violence.

Look out for wasps.

Enjoy the show.