Article : The Best Of This Weeks #HalfwatchTuesday

Monday night sat I in a nervous ritual wondering if anyone would bother their backside, having the season finale of the greatest show ever to look forward to only serving as a mild distraction. It was 2 hours before showtime and I had pretty much decided what my #halfwatchtuesday submission would be, then a notification pinged…it was Nic, he was showing off his soon to be posted submission, then came another this time @aggressivetiminghabits, not so much showing me his post but just showing me any number of amazing half watch pics he had been working on. Wow, people actually thought about #halfwatchtuesday?? With that thought, I tuned in to watch the season finale happy in the knowledge that whatever would happen in the next 2 to 24 hours I would accept.

Waking up the next day I quickly posted my submission and raced into work; which was carnage resembling that of a post-Drogon King’s Landing. In the following 14 hours, I barely had enough time for a loo break but I was conscious of notifications pinging on the phone. #HalfwatchTuesdays wasn’t just alive, it was thriving!!

We loved seeing some of our favourite accounts submitting such as @watchworldnz and @iwcfishcrown, but many were new names, the word has been spreading! This week you gave us our biggest #HalfwatchTuesday yet with over 200 posts and we can’t thank you enough. So with much excitement and great difficulty due to the sheer quality of the submissions here are this weeks #HalfwatchTuesday Top Pics.

We start with a well deserved second week in the top pics with the very sweet @katlenschmidt. Her post was so good it would burn through enamel. The pastel (and perhaps not natural food) colours showed up brilliantly on the indices of  her Planet Ocean. We also know that Katlen has been flying the #HalfwatchTuesday flag and has been responsible for bringing it to a number of new friends, so special thanks.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Now you might start to see a pattern forming because the ladies brought their A-game this week. @girlslikewatchestoo came in all guns blazing with this amazing Doxa sub submission. I’m still not sure how you managed to get such a clean shot.

One of the most perfect shots we came across was from @a_girl_and _her_watches, the Rolex Airking never looked better. Welcome to the movement.

(Editors note : Two of the entries are also from Nashville, twinned with Glasgow as the centre of the horological universe)

The ladies didn’t have it their own way of course and our lads did post pictures of the highest order. @jasonbuccieri debuted on Halfwatch Tuesday by turning a negative into a positive and making it into our top pics with his beautifully smashed Casio, we hope it’s fixed up soon.

Our friends @watchworldnz wowed us again with their inventiveness with this four Seiko stunner. Excellent work as always guys.

I couldn’t ignore this amazing Aquaterra shot from @adam_14270. The gradient on the dial, the hint of blue and the reflection just made it perfect.

We love a fun watch and @alakbatakhorology gave us just that, in what was a great week for Timex, their peanuts collaboration brings a smile to any face

It was nearly impossible to pick out so few and so honourable mentions to @jwit94, @iwcfishcrown, @new_forest_robin_young and who narrowly missed out despite amazing posts, please keep up the excellent work.

A special mention for @maswatches who submitted on Halfwatch Tuesday for the first time. They are currently doing a great giveaway so check them out. Thank you for post guys and best of luck.

Finally, thank all you all who took part, we were genuinely blown away by the biggest Halfwatch Tuesday thus far. We love seeing you have fun with your pieces and do try and acknowledge every post. In the pipeline we have a pic of the month competition which might lead to a Pic of the Year. As always some of our favourite posts will go up on the Instagram page (@halfwatchtuesday), so stay tuned.

#HalfwatchTuesday, you made it a thing.


Omair & Nic