Scottish Watches Podcast #38 : Dear Points of View, Bad Audio And A Trip To Newcastle

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Is there an echo in here, both in audio and content? We go over some old ground from episode 36..

In summary.

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No one reads the show notes

Roger Moore died in 2017

The film Michael Douglas was in was called Falling Down.

The film Downfall is about Hitler and is a famous video meme-worthy film.

Some of the better examples:

……my Code 11.59 rant will remain in the Bunker.

Thanks for the letter Floatlite….

David Sharp esquire in his best bib and tucker


Conan O’Brien in a more casual moment

Rikki goes for a motorbike day trip to somewhere with more sun that Scotland….Newcastle…yup I’m confused also.

He bought some stuff and scared some AD security guards and got a few good stories from a Rolex AD which for the purposes of this episode we will say works in Beaverbrooks.

Here is the barn find Daytona Rikki mentions …

Are Omega introducing an entirely new Sports line, will it be called the Commander or the Seaman…..

Then we talk about some watches and #halfwatchtuesday and pronouncing  Jaeger-LeCoultre

Sepp Blatter also gets a mention, you can check the full story here.

We also ask why Platinum watches are more expensive than Gold when Platinum is now a cheaper metal and can anyone confirm Mike Michaels statement that all meteorite dials come from the same meteorite?

As a final hurrah, we talk, Laurent Ferrier, Bamford London, Reservoir and Singer.

Enjoy the show.