Scottish Watches Podcast #18 : Watch Chat, Rodeos and Tractors Plus Bremont Town House Talk

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Välkommen, Benvenuto, Witamy as they say in Sweden, Italy and Poland to episode 18 of The Scottish Watches Podcast and a special hello also to our number 1 fan Niels from Denmark!

In this week’s episode, we ask if JFK was a donut, and are Hodinkee the best watch sellers in the world – no questions asked, other than do you have money.

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Rick’s Seiko Alpinist has arrived but is it a matt or sunburst dial and is it better than the F.P Journe Chronomat Blu because it’s a limited edition?

Is Tudor Tuesday better than Speedy Tuesday for Rikki’s wrist and why do dogs love to eat British passports?

Rikki buys a watch … magazine because he is too skint after car repairs to buy a real timepiece and wonders why he is the only non-redneck on the show before insulting the entire East coast.

Redbar Edinburgh events are all systems go … in Perth, on Perth, by Perth, with Perth? But come on New York Wake up.

The Urban Genry’s TGV is back from his “issues with YouTube” and has a big announcement to make “it will disrupt the industry” so lookout Hodinkee.

Archie Luxury aka Paul Pluta responds to TGV’s resurrection with gusto in the latest episode of the YouTube watch world soap opera.

Mariner Watches get a stranglehold on political correct advertising while PHOIBOS release a pretty decent looking womans dive watch but call it the “nymph”.

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More here –

…and of course, as it is a watch show we talk tractors, rodeos, Zenith launch events at Baselworld with Swiss Beatz , Lost Frequencies and possibly featuring DJ Rikki and Bits ‘n Pieces plus we have a quick chat with our man on the ground at Bremont Town House @danc21cy

Wrist shots :

Any German speakers care to confirm or deny?

A lesson in watch muling …

A Porsche that Rikki wont break …

Finally an unsolicited Rick pic, just for you Katlen!

Image result for rick astley