Scottish Watches Podcast #17 : Watch Rehab, Smuggling and More With Katlen from Breitlex Constanmille in Nashville

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It’s a wristwatch rodeo with special guest Katlen Schmidt from Nashville, Tennessee who works for an undisclosed Swiss manufacturer … but can you figure out which one?

Keep listening to the end to find out about our brand new hush hush watch strap venture!

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

We talk limited edition releases such as Hodinkee’s Seiko Alpinist plus the 4am Omega Speedy Tuesday gold rush.

Watch and car flipping with eBay and the WWE’s John Cena’s Ford GT.

Rick tries to use Katlen’s home as a Deliverance address for his new USA only watch buy and Rikki stumbles blindly into the Invictaholics Facebook group – which seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Katlen talks about the lack of proper female watches and what its like working in an authorised dealer.

She also thanks us very much for for not sending her any unsolicited Rick pics.

Rick offers to be Rikki’s watch mule, but says no to sticking a Seiko up his rectum. Then repents on his Hodinkee rants of the past.

The jealously pure rips out of Katlen because its cheaper for us to fly from Scotland to Switzerland than the cost of the petrol (sorry Katlen, gasoline) to the airport.

And we chat about Baselworld price gouging, Tudor cracking safes and now having functional email addresses!

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Wrist Watch Check:

Some more of Katlen’s awesome collection :


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Barista Parlor
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Nashville, TN 37208.

Tell then two Scottish Guys that talk about watches sent you..and take a picture for IG of the bemused look of a response


You can join the waitlist, or you can look at the photos of mine when it arrives. US issue Seiko Alpinist coming to Glasgow

or you can be scalped.


You can watch a summary about John Cena v Ford here

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Perhaps you thought we were joking:

From the good people of WatchPro…you promise now?

What’s in the safe Tudor? A 39mm Pelagos perhaps?

Just call it the “Mr T” for me