CODE 11.59 – maybe more CODE 999

For those of you who have not yet listened to both episode 1 or 2 of our new podcast you might want to start there, just to understand the level of disappointment i am currently feeling at what Audemars Piguet have chosen to badge and i quote as “the biggest launch since 1972” in reference to the Royal Oak.

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I had high hopes for what Code 11.59 was going to be, but no scratch of my itch was forthcoming in todays launch, so far.

To say that the internet has jumped on the Code 11.59 with ferocity is an understatement.

Hodinkee in their infinite wisdom had done a prerecorded video and article to hit the internet early this afternoon, and it was not long afterwards that the comments section on the article and Instagram started venting its collective spleen at the design.

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It will be interesting to see how quickly the Hodinkee team who used phrases in the article such as:

“…a new collection of movements. And boy are they good, too. ”

“…movement that enthusiasts have been asking Audemars Piguet to make for years and it looks like the wait was worth it”

“It’s super cool in action.”

start to calm down in there praise.

They have got to be in a bit of an awkward position of having been given exclusive access by the brand while at the same time having to recognise and validate their readers opinion and in some way reflect that back to keep readers continued attention and trust.

There are currently 210 comments on the article and the majority view is overwhelmingly negative and disappointed.

But at least you can rely on this internet to break out its best jokes when a ball is dropped just so significantly as this.

The meme machine on Instagram has gone into overdrive and can i recommend you have a look at @simonzzo for some of the best and probably cruellest.

I suspect AP did not think today was going to go this way.

Maybe we will all turn out to be blowing our collective tops over nothing when we actually start to see the watch in the flesh, to be honest, it is possible that the plain white 3 hander could grow on me but at $26,800 it is never going to be bought by me at that price when just as sharp Calatravas are in the same price bracket or actually cheaper?

So i will keep this article as part 1 for the story of Code 11.59 for i suspect we are at the start of the story and not the end…..

@rickticktalk will be at home this week continuing to cry into his pillow, but hopeful that some folk will buy the 11.59 that were going to get a 15400 so he stands a chance of ever seeing one in his lifetime

@RikkiScotland will be in Switzerland at SIHH, and offers the only hope Obiwan, when he actually sees the watch in the flesh. Help me Obiwan you’re my only hope!