Your Latest #scottishwatches Photos – November and December 2021

Hi guys!

Guess who’s back! Also…HOW IS IT ALREADY DECEMBER?!?!? This year has gone so quickly and we’re heading into the festive period. There are pros like mulled wine, all of the cheese, time off from work and most importantly watch related gifts! And there are cons like too much travelling, new year’s resolutions about giving things up. BUT! The biggest con for me is the cold. I don’t do well in the winter. So, for this week’s #scottishwatches article I’m searching out those cosy vibes! Let’s bring the heat!

First up we have @herwatches wrapped up in her winter warmers and rocking a dial that gives me snowy FEELS. Roamer is one of the less common brands but I’m a big fan, especially this one with its Marlin style numerals and simple design. It’s also amazing to see another female watch nerd rocking a vintage piece so I’m doubly happy!

This shot has it all. When you think of anOrdain you think of Scotland. When you think of Scotland, you think of the cold. When I think of the cold, I think of, well, being somewhere with beautiful sunshine.

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A Scottish watch enthusiast wearing a Scottish watch with a dial that reminds you of a gorgeous sunny day. Covered all bases!

I’m a huge fan of this brand and can’t wait to experience one in person (hopefully in my collection!) Until then I’ll live through shots like this one from @tartanwatchspaniel 

I’m a fan of a good jacket. I’m also a fan of a copper dial when done well. This shot from @timeeq gives me both! I’m loving this pattern but my eye is automatically drawn to the beautiful and interesting dial of this Brew Retromatic. The new design perfectly follows and accentuates the cushion case while being packed into a reasonably priced, reasonably sized, well-crafted timepiece. What’s not to feel warm about?!

This one warms the soul. A child all excitedly posing with his dads’ watch with the cutest grin on his face – all the while being totally oblivious to the fact his face isn’t the star! @engineer_wannabe you are the kind of parent I will be when I have mini-Me’s! In all serious though, I hope my kids are as excited about watches as I am, or I at least hope they find a passion for something as I have.

Last, but by no means least, we have @thewatchsnapper. A trio of shots showing off that winter sun golden hour GOODNESS. It gives such a warm, soft glow to a watch that, with a name like Sharhunter, gives real tough vibes! Nicely done sir!

That’s all for now! Go forth and take advantage of this time of year. I expect to see lots of moody winter scenes on the Scottish watches’ hashtag! Until then, I’ve been @thewatchboxdiaries and I’ll talk about you soon!