#Scottishwatches Week 25

Another week, another round-up of some of the #scottishwatches posts! As always, there is so much variety – from colourful dials, to watches and whisky pairings, and a whole heap of awe-inspiring backdrops giving me a lockdown envy! It makes me so happy seeing so many different watches and aesthetics. It’s hard work whitling it down to just a handful but let’s get stuck in!

Is there such a thing as too much flecto? This is a question that hendersonhorology had us asking ourselves this week. If this shot is anything to go by though, I’m saying a big fat NO! The light picks up the smooth, sleek hands and indices beautifully. I also really like that the flecto forces you to appreciate the shot itself, rather than just the branding. A great ‘mood’ shot!


I love it when people combine their love on watches with another passion. I see fitness, coffee, art, cars…the list goes on! I came across this shot from thewhiskyblenderdude and as the name suggests, he’s really into his whisky! A single malt paired with a gorgeous Seiko Presage is definitely a duo I can appreciate. The Presage range in my (only slightly biased!) opinion provides a wide variety of detailed dials, great sizes and clean lines at an affordable price range. Keep the combos coming!

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches


Lockdown has been a DRAG. We are all dying to go on holiday but it’s a slow and painful process. If like me – you’re living vicariously through other people’s adventures, then Instagram has been a blessing. I love a good view too so seeing many of you featuring a beautiful background is food for my soul! sumofitsticks has provided not only a cool shot of their Vostok, but a fantastic shot of Aran Fawddwy in Snowdonia (Wales!) It’s moody, but you know that view is worth it. Jealous.


Onto a different view. Anyone working from home will completely understand the constant battle of getting distracted by your watch. Catching a glimpse of it while in zoom meetings, catching it in a cool light while trying to type or even knowing you have a whole watch box nearby to swap it out 10 times in 8 hours…THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. It’s also very real for horologyhound. Absolutely love the mood and the highlighted details of the Sinn U1 in this procrastination shot though. Bad news for your work, good news for the appreciating watchfam!


Lastly, I’d like to highlight this beauty of a shot. watch_girl_life has brought the Omega Seamaster to life! From the crisp detailing, to the reflection in the water and the beautiful background colour, it all just works perfectly. She even added a little behind the scenes shot to let us in on the secrets of her set up! I’m always extra supportive of females within the watch community and this is just one example of the great content they’re bringing so keep it up ladies!


So there we have it. 5 of my favourites from the past week. Thank you for reading my little ramblings and remember to keep tagging #scottishwatches in your posts!