Scottish Watches Podcast #223 : Return Of The Rick

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Scottish Watches podcast 223. Today’s podcast is the first recorded episode of Rick in 2021, and it’s just like old times. You don’t need to listen closely to the episode to understand that the watch content has gone down from last week. Just like before Rikki and Rick broke up because of Star Wars v Star Trek, we talk movies from Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, and others in between. It has also been a long time since we heard computer noises and lowed typing, well its all come back. Rick also brings to us a surprisingly story in how oranges and Swiss Made have something in common. We also revisit Rikki’s love life and how he showed to be a true Scotsman when buying his girlfriend, a gift. All the things you would expect from a Scottish Watches episode. The watch content of this episode involves the new watches and Rikki’s wish list for a new watch.

Straton and Signum watches episode.

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James Porter and Son

Important episodes where we especially missed Rick:

The talk with Diana the designer of the illustrations in our swatch watch.                         

The commemoration of our second birthday, not with Rick, but with Adrian and Dave, two of his possible replacements.                                                 

Rick is looking for the Zenith Defy Classic Black Ceramic Skeleton Swiss Beats edition and if you know where to find one, email us at or on our Instagram @scottishwatches.

Image result for zenith swiss beats defy skeleton 

Fist Scottish watches live, on the Scottish Watch YouTube channel, of the new year where we discuss our favorite moments from the past two years and the possible watch Rikki might get to celebrate the podcasts two-year anniversary.

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Latest episode of Time of the Week with Sam, Sam and not Sam, Lucy.

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Wristwatch check:

None of them are wearing anything. Rick is wearing his apple watch but that is just the thing that is keeping someone from not winning the dead pole. But we can all imagine hem in the fields or desk diving with his Paneri.

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We are doing a giveaway in collaboration with Jorge Bamford from Bamford Watches, the details aren’t all set so we might announce the winner when on our third birthday. Follow @bamfordwatchdepartment and us to know wen the giveaway is taking place. We do know that it well be a Bamford Mayfair. More colorways on the Bamford website.

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New G-shocks

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GMWB5000RD-4                                          GM6900CX-4

The variant of these watches that we have.

A wrist with a watch on it Description automatically generated with low confidenceGM6900G-9

Duke of Wellington statue and the drawing done by Diana. No extra head to be seen. Perhaps in a few years the watch well increase in price just like the Rolexes that have the wrong set of hands and other quality control issues

Image result for duke of wellington statue

Videos with Simon from James Porter and Son (@jamesporterandson).

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New H Moser, Endeavour Minute Repeater.

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Listen to the 1st world problem that plagues those who buy Moser’s without much thought. If only we could all do that.                                                              

Rikki’s gift to himself which then became a gift for his girlfriend.

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Call the A.D F1 themed video. You can also listen to it on Scottish Watches Lugs Edition.

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Paul Thorp and Rikki.

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Rikki’s long wish list:

1970 Breitling Navitimer

Image result for 1970 breitling navitimer

1990 Rolex root beer

Image result for 1990 rolex root beer

Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Blue

Linde Werdelin Hard Black III Big Date

Louis Moinet Metropolis Magic Blue

Ulysses Nardin Freak X Rose gold

Image result for ulysses nardin freak x rose gold

Vacheron Constantin overseas rose gold blue dial.

Image result for new vacheron constantin overseas rose gold blue dial three hander on rubber

Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust

Image result for rolex oysterquartz datejust

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Orange

Image result for hublot spirit of big bang

Patek Philippe  Pre-Owned Gondolo

H Moser pioneer

Image result for h moser pioneer

Pre-Owned Santos de Cartier Large Model

Pre-Owned Cartier Santos de Cartier Large Model WSSA0039

Octo Finissimo watch. Any of them.

Exospace B55 Connected

Tudor black bay 41 blue.

Image result for tudor black bay 41 blue

Roger Dubuis Classic 22/28 Rose Gold

Image result for roger dubuis classic

Horage tourbillon

Image result for horage tourbillonImage result for horage tourbillon

It would be nice if Katelen was here to discuss how one speed master has 100 meter water resistance and the other only 50 meters. Go and listen to the show we had with her discussing the new Omega Speedmaster.

Thank you for listening, follow us on our social media and YouTube channels. Goodbye