2020 in Watch Memes

You can take your “best of lists” and your “editors choices” and your “most worn watches” of the year and stuff them up your Christmas jumper with the extra 10lbs of weight you put on via the boxes of Lindt, we know that all you really want is Memes! and lots of them.

So our main encouragement was obvious, you should “stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives and listen to podcasts”

It was a year dominated by Covid-19 and preparations for the end of the world, but redemption was found by ignoring the omen and just making memes…..most about a certain company.

So here is our review of 2020 in watch memes, in no particular order we begin with a selection of the most memed company in 2020…nope not Rolex…..

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Of course it was Hodinkee and in particular a little clock, for travelling that they released on the world during a nearly global travel ban…the timing was not missed, but it did not end with the clock…


Nope the Clock was not the end…

As LVMH Group and John Mayer were about to get entwined in HodinkeeMemeLand….with a little help from the Donald.

But as we know in Memeland…just when you think you have been the butt of all the jokes someone hands you their coat, thanks Christian.

But there were others that had a more than Memeable year, and so the batton was passed around a good bit, obviously Rolex had a good go at claiming back their Crown (Corona) from Hodinkee….

There were some other Meme highlights and themes, among them it turns out that size does matter.

and that running away from your other half, who does not collect is also a thing,

as well as well…..other things.

But we also have sympathy for those that have fallen behind on the old IG trail we are looking at.

You know who you are and most of you have some relationship with these guys!

But what was the best meme this year, well far be it for us to blow our own trumpet, but use of the Classic Spiderman combined with a left field “brand” complaining about how other treated it was we think our best effort, with this nearly pre-covid effort our own close second.

but my personal favourite from the Memeteam was this, R.I.P Sir Sean..

So what might 2021 hold, we have at least one clue:

But happy 2021 what could possibly go wrong: