Scottish Watches Podcast #201 : Weekly Watch Chat

R.I.P Sir Sean, Alex we are blaming you, and we have checked he is definitely dead, no #rogermooregate this time

but forget all this Bond and Submarines, Rikki has never seen Highlander, thats right the film where a Scotsman plays an Egyptian and a Frenchman plays a Scot

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

But as we all know the real James Bond wore a Panerai

Check Jakes site for all the info

And the Bond / Rolex thing was a fluke, clearly Sean has just left his watch at home that day

“On the first day of filming in Jamaica the director Terence Young realized that the prop department had forgotten to give Connery a watch. What happened next is a bit unclear. Either Young gave Connery his own Rolex Submariner with a black leather strap, producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli gave his, or a Royal Navy diver who was part of the film crew was the source.”

Rikki then Googlewhacks a Watch

Rocaware RM3686

There is more to come from JCB, as you can tell we started in the daylight and finished somewhat later!

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Then some watches

First up Jaquet Droz SW STEEL-CERAMIC

Then Alpina Time with their regulator

Then Zenith Defy Classic Carbon

Then a discount code. ScottishWatches20 at

This is no more, anyone for Tartan chairs?

and Rikki advances his skills as a watchmaker

Then an in depth review of the new Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition

why? and who? and how much?

Then Facebook issues…go join the group and check it out if it still exists

Then Rikkis deep dive….it was a bank advert..maybe


Enjoy the show