Scottish Watches Podcast #198 : Roger Smith and Mike France on The Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers Plus A Co-Axial History Lesson

What could be better than two Scotsman, a Manx resident and a guy with the surname France to introduce the latest organisation dedicated to the world of British Watch and Clock making.

We bring to you today the Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers

Founders Roger Smith and Mike France are here to tell you all about it and how you can get involved.

James Porter and Son

We do also chat a bit about both their brands and what they are up to, and they are up to a lot.

Plus Roger gives us an insight into George Daniels and the creation of the co-axial escapement that Omega are now utilising in their current watches.

Today also sees the launch of something new from CW, but we cannot tell you until I re edit these notes after 10am on Friday, because we are not ABTW….

Re Edit.

Now you can read all about it

Enjoy the show