Q & A : With Julien Tornare Of Zenith Watches

Sophy Rindler gets some Q & A time with Julien from Zenith Watches

Since you took over the direction of the brand, it seems like the name Zenith is finally much more part of the American and the world landscape, when for many years, it was simply a forgotten watch. What is your secret? How did you manage to “make Zenith great again” 🙂 ?

Yes indeed we have been working on many aspects of this beautiful brand including our product portfolio, the distribution, the communication campaign and “Time to reach your star” concept and of course the cool factor of the brand but always respecting our long heritage and the authenticity of our brand.

The main idea was to emphasize the fact that Zenith is a long history as a brand but does not “repeat” its past but focus on building the future. This also with a real sense of authenticity as 100% of our watches have an inhouse zenith movement, which only a few brands can claim so.

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My secret: lots of energy, passion and love for my job and now for that beautiful brand and for the people I meet and work with.

How would you describe the Zenith client?

People who are not followers that all buy the same watches. At Zenith we offer beautiful watches that are of the highest quality, with all features of a traditional brand but with a touch of modernity. But more than anything our clients are real connoisseurs who want to differentiate from others and acquire a really special timepiece.

Julien Tornare has been a name associated for many years with Vacheron Constantin. Do you see any similarities between the 2 brands? Have you been able to use your past experience with VC to shape the direction you are giving Zenith under your management?

Both are beautiful brands with legitimacy and a long history.  I definitely benefitted from my markets experience which developed my understanding of the clients and of the reality of the business which does not happen behind a desk in your office but on the field with the real business players. I thank my former bosses who gave me many opportunities. (they will recognize themselves😊)

Where do you see Zenith in 10 years from now?

Among the very few best brands of the world, offering a real watchmaking timepiece with all advantages of its heritage but with the dynamics of the 21st century. This with as I repeat authenticity and of course at the right price.

The second hand market is growing fast for us and the results at auctions are amazing. Zenith is the future of Swiss watchmaking.

Let’s get to know Julien; what is your favorite food? What is your favorite country? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite hobby? What is your dream come true? What was the child you were wanted to be when he grew up ?

A homemade Penne Siciliana with a glass of red wine

Switzerland as a fantastic country with great values and a multicultural environment.


Family time and sport (tennis, waterski, skiing)

Achieve all objectives on my bucket list on time before I leave this world

A tennis champion

Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him (her) and how this mentorship made you into the person you are today.

I was happy to have a few in my life. Starting with my grandfather and also my father. They both gave me values of respect, hardwork, and forgiveness but also made me realise the importance of Love in the wide meaning of it.

Then a very few on my professional path as well.


A word of wisdom from a man that is becoming a role model to many?

“When you reach the summit of the mountain, continue climbing…with humility”