Watch Review : Timex Falcon Eye

After the success of the original Timex Q reissue, Timex have once again dipped into their funky archives and pulled out another little cracker back in November. It’s one that seemed to slip under the radar a little here at Scottish Watches Towers, but after the popularity of the recent M79 launch, I thought it a good idea to give it a look and see what people think.

As the name suggests, the Falcon Eye falls into the Q line. Q stands for ‘quartz’, so as is reasonably expected, this jazzy little number uses a quartz movement. OK, it’s fairly obvious as it even says it on the dial, but seeing as they have to put nut allergy warnings on packets of peanuts these days, maybe it’s not that obvious to some? Who knows, but there we are!

I’m not entirely sure which movement powers the Falcon Eye, but based on the brand’s other watches I’m going to assume it’s a Japanese Miyota affair. No qualms there; Miyota have built up a strong reputation for making well-priced, reliable movements. This one features a nicely-framed day/date complication. The timing was well within expectations for a quartz movement. That’s the first box ticked!

Let’s be honest though, nobody is buying the Falcon Eye for the movement that powers it. If you are, you’re doing this all wrong. The main selling point and biggest positive for me is the quirky design and deliciously jazzy dial.

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I’m going to start with the dial as that’s, without a doubt, my favourite thing about this watch. It oozes retro cool. It has a style that I’ve never quite seen before so I’m not quite sure how to describe it other than electric-blue wave hologram perhaps? The official press release describes it as a ‘striated-pattern dial’. I prefer my description! Depending on how the light catches it, it can look slightly 3D. It’s really hard to capture in photographs so I really recommend taking a look at one in real life if you get the chance. The shade of blue is wonderful too. It’s a metallic/electric blue and it really works with the subtle two-tone too. The Timex logo and the Quartz wording are 3D applied markers and gold-coloured, as is the day/date window frame. The markers are substantial, applied gold batons with white, painted stripes on them. They’re simple enough but they’re just right. Everything complements that dial pattern in the right way. There are tiny lume plots on the outskirts of the dial and the hands, but they’re not really what this watch is about.

The 38mm steel case stays true to the original sizing, and it kinda reminds me of Grand Seiko somewhat, with the bold polished accents. Before anyone tries to jump down my throat and eviscerate me for comparing Timex and Grand Seiko, it’s not a serious comparison. I’m not going to seriously suggest that this £159 Timex is in the same league as a Grand Seiko costing at least 20/30x the price. That’s not even a fair comparison, but the Falcon Eye case shape has definite similarities to some of the design language employed by Grand Seiko in some of their more recent models. I’m also not saying this was a genuine nod from GS to Timex watches of the 70s, but there are similarities there in my mind. What matters the most is that this is a nice case from Timex. There’s some lovely vertical brushing on the top side of the case, and then the strong bevelled edges and sides of the case are well polished.

The slim gold bezel and the gold crown complete the two-tone vibe of the Falcon Eye. I have to say, I’m not a fan of two-tone as a rule as it can often be a bit too garish for my tastes. This is quite subtle and understated and, coupled with the awesome blue dial, it’s very tastefully done. It’s not ‘in your face’ like in some other watches. Seeing as this watch was originally released back in 1978, I’d almost expect it to be gaudier than it actually is. Thankfully Timex toned down their design language back then and it still works today, nicely capturing the zeitgeist of the 1970s.

The bracelet is also period correct in what Timex calls a ‘woven’ style. It’s quite thin but, given the lightness of the watch itself, it’s very comfortable. It doesn’t catch the hairs of your arm thankfully and due to the small links, it moulds very well to the wrist. A very simple clasp adorns the underside.

The only thing with these types of clasp is that they can be difficult to adjust on the fly despite being designed for easy adjustment. That said, you can infinitely adjust the bracelet to the exact position desired for the ultimate comfort. No danger of being one of those ‘tweener sizes’ where a watch is slightly too big or too small. This is micro-adjustment to the max!

Overall, it’s a funky little watch which stays true and proud of its 1970s origin. It wears really nicely on the wrist and offers a very affordable option to any enthusiasts collection. In my opinion, It falls nicely between a sports watch and dress watch and is completely unashamed of its jazzy demeanour. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly watch to complement your personality and add a little colour and character to your collection, you could do far, far worse than take a look at the cool Timex Falcon Eye.

Specs & Price

Case: 38mm Stainless steel

Bracelet: Stainless steel with folded links and micro-adjusting foldover clasp

Case Colour: Brushed/polished stainless steel with gold-tone bezel and crown

Dial Colour: Striated electric blue

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Movement: Quartz, three hand with day/date

Case Height: 12 mm

Strap and Lug Width: 18 mm

Price: £159

Available now from