Timex Q Falcon Eye: Is Nostalgia Enough?

Originally issued in 1978, the Timex Q Falcon Eye was barely removed from the age of pet rocks and mood rings. Consumer technology was around, but the PC revolution was still distant thunder. It was the age to brag about Quartz, and Timex was the brand that took a licking but kept on ticking. It’s a time I remember well (ish).

Even the digital ones kept on ticking!

Fast forward, Timex continues to recapture old glory with its Q line, but is nostalgia enough? Can the Timex Q Falcon Eye stand on its own? Truth is, I’m of two minds.

The Falcon Eye is so different and, well…groovy. It’s hard not to like especially for someone born in the ’60s.

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Here are the positives:

  • The Falcon Eye will not have you thinking derivative, unless you just streamed Saturday Night Fever (1977).
  • The wavy blue colored dial that moves with the light is unique. It’s the best part of the watch.
  • The gold, white striped indices are applied and raise off the dial nicely; they help with readability, which is good because the wavy blue dial creates a good bit of visual noise. They also go with a gold crown and gold bezel that fades nicely into the silver case
  • The day and date windows are framed in gold, a nice touch for a watch that costs less than $200.
  • The seriously domed acrylic crystal increases the 3D quality, adding to the visual appeal of the dial.
  • If you have small wrists or prefer smaller watches, the dial is 38mm, 18mm lug width and 12mm high. The tonneau case and hidden lugs make it seem bigger. Personally, I feel like to wears smaller, but I’m a big guy.
In comparison to the Falcon Eye, my Marloe Coniston has a 40mm case and tradition lugs. The tonneau case makes the Falcon Eye seem longer.
  • The bracelet does not catch hairs! Repeat, the bracelet does not catch hairs!
  • The case is mostly polished but features brushed flat surfaces. It’s nice to have the variation, and if the flats were polished, they would likely be too much competition for the dial and scratch and fingerprint magnets
  • Love the battery hatch! If you’re going to have a battery powered watch you might as well make it easy to change the battery.

Here are some things I think are on the negative side:

  • You know all that groovy? Not everything about the ’70s was great, and I’m not sure I’m all in of this wavy blue, white, lots of gold and silver look. I keep waiting for the curtain to open and the show to start. Safe to say, not for everybody, and not a daily wear.

  • If you like lume you’ll be disappointed. I was perplexed to find that the white on the indices was just paint and not lume. Likely a money saver, but feels like a lost opportunity. Instead, there’s a little on the hands and dots at the end of the indices. They show up OK for a dress watch, but nothing special.
  • The band is thin and could use a second security clasp. On one occasion the clasp came off when I caught it on something at my desk.

  • There is a bit of an overall cheap feel, which I can’t quite explain. One example that’s hard to see or show in photos, is that when the polished part of the case bends near the crystal (roughly 1, 5, 7, 11 o’clock), it looks forced and just a bit creased, the bends not quite as fluid and artful as I’d expect. Also, I have a hard time getting the date and day to really line up. And like many quartz watches, you can play the game, “Will the second hand hit the indices?” Often, the answer is no.
  • AR coating? Not sure. It certainly seems to reflect a lot, especially when I tried to take photos of it with my phone. In lower light it’s clear, but visibility suffers when the light source is clear. It’s not unreadable, but for a watch with a lot going on, any noise is troubling.
  • Finally, $179 U.S. isn’t a lot of money for a watch, but is it a little too much for this watch?

So, there are things about The Timex Q Falcon Eye that make it very cool, especially for old fogies like me. Visually, it has a very different dial that won’t likely look like anything else in your collection; whether it’s different in a good way is a matter of taste.

Overall, I’m glad I got it because it’s different and fun and it speaks to an earlier time in my life (when I really wondered about how mood rings work – c’mon, we didn’t have the Internet).

Now the Internet answers.

Have a great day