Scottish Watches Podcast #136 : End of Week Watch Drama Plus No More Baselworld

Two Scots today, the correct two Scots, but we start with chat of another Scot, Brian Duffy

No new releases from Rolex and Co this year and no Baselworld to show them at.

Straight into Scottish Watches Watches….

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

Then Omega miss a trick, or have they, we shall see.

Do we think Daves house sounds like this?

Scottish Watches “Overwatches”… for our conspiracies.

Now Bill Gate and David Icke

RIP Stirling Moss.

Unbelievable driver.

And RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor

The Original Sketch.

If everyone could message Bear Grylls for me that would be great.

more watch content…

Check out the font.

new Swatch Sistem 51

New Panerai.


but why..what was the need…



Our video is out

Then some Scottish retail news, that is now out of date as the Scottish Government changed their mind yesterday…I think.

Then as an equal opportunity Glasgow Based Podcast we give you both of these.

Have a wee listen to this.

Then Q and A time, we just don’t call it that.

You will find the Cartier in along with this lot

Now make sure and get us to 10000 IG Followers to get access to our Only Fans account.

RIP Hublot

Enjoy the show