Scottish Watches Podcast #130 : Lockdown Watch Chat

Scottish Watches Podcast #130 : Lockdown Watch Chat

I spend the episode trying to wake up a sleepy Rikki, who was having too big of a pre lock down party.

We discuss why ducks are not more famous than fish in the Bible.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

Then some Godwins Law chat and next week science

Look out for our Church v Science Covid-19 competition

Then other improbable things, the best Guy Ritchie movie

Still waiting on Rikkis photo

probably still asleep and recovering from his last show, be sure and look out for them on IG

Here is the Tockr Video link.


Hodinkee fly to the rescue of the Indy watch industry, good on them.

Then Rikki makes a Glasgow joke…..

For the one half of Glasgow that will find this funny….we are thistle fans BTW

Then Bremont assist the NHS and Rikki gets credit for #Bezelworld

They also launched a watch.

Rikki then tells us about the new Christopher Ward and despite having the actual press release and images in front of his still doesn’t get it right….see those countries around the outside!

If you could just send one of these for review UN

then we switch off the internet

Then some Greubel Forsey stuff with the QP à Équation

and this from HYT

HYT Soonow Drop Three

The Car or Watch? with a Brewster Millions twist

You tell us

Then this….love this.

Arnold & Son Nebula 38

Here we go….Kat inspiration and mentors

Enjoy the show