Scottish Watches Podcast #127 : Start Of Week Watch Chat

It’s grim up North but it always has been.

We find out what PAM means, you have to join our FB group to find out more.

We ask #isitok

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

We say hello to Ballymoney, do get in touch.

Lovenwatches and ABTW and Spending Time Podcast are back, and we will be on one of them soon.

We recorded nineish episodes in the last week and saw some remarkable watches, which you will get to see videos of soon.

A wee selection.


and James Porter & Son

@barkandjack and @f1ptb

Rikki is investing his unemployment benefit in the Invicta market and Clockbait were a no show.

Then we talk Bullocks…specifically Sandra and Miss Congeniality… have a read of this

and this on Friends

Then have a listen to the Joe Rogan show all about Covid-19

and a watch of this

Are Vulcain still a thing? and what about the new Star Trek? I like it Rikki does not.

But Timex like the #timexbru

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Enjoy the show!