#HalfWatchTuesday : Redbar Glasgow 2020

Just like Omair coming up with another dodgy song to put onto the “our stories”, so comes another installment of #HalfWatchTuesday! Been back at work for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, it’s been great getting back to some sort of routine. And I’ve also not crashed my bike (this year) despite a couple weeks worth of cycling, although the corners within the Clyde Tunnel do seem a touch tighter than I remember. Nonetheless, all is good in the hood so far…

Just a brief article this week, as I just wanted to touch on our most recent Redbar event that we had last month. Now, this was the first specifically non-branded event that we’ve had in quite a while and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. As much as it’s always a pleasure speaking to brands and finding out about their lines and products and future aspirations, I can’t help but feel that the whole soul of these Redbar events are in the punters themselves. Nothing seems to stir conversation like someone unwrapping their watch roll and laying it out for the world to see, waiting for the inevitable chat that arises. Seeing familiar faces and laughing as to how you haven’t been able to commandeer that Sub since the last you spoke or answering question after question as to how could one possibly get moisture inside one’s Speedmaster, it just makes for a really personal night.

Even aside from seeing favourite pieces from other’s personal collections (there are too many to say here), it’s the generic chat between folk that just makes it. A number of the branded events that I’ve been lucky enough to attend, I don’t think quite have that same ‘buzz’ about it. Even though it’s the same people that normally attend both branded and non branded events, it is this writer’s opinion that events, where folk can bring their own collections and can enjoy some free-flowing chat with other collectors without the relative restriction of being within a branded event, are the best kind of event. I do count myself very fortunate that I have been able to attend events hosted by Grand Seiko, Bremont and Omega in the past and I will very much look forward to more in the future, all I’m saying is that as far as my personal favourite event goes, nothing beats a bunch of folk, hanging out at a bar, looking at each others collections and talking a bunch of general and loosely watch related nonsense.

Once again, the real part of the article, the top pics of the week! Some amazing admissions this week guys, really happy seeing everyone’s creative streaks coming out.

Jumping headfirst into shark-infested with top pics this week waters is @kinmeng.chan and his Ming whom I’m hoping didn’t actually drop it into such waters in order to grab this awesome capture. Nice work bro!do

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We do love a lume shot here at #halfwatchtuesday and @watchingtime certainly grabs our undivided attention with a stunning shot of his Sub all the while chucking in a wee ‘flecto’ for good measure. Stunning shot man!

Now, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a whole bunch of times, taking photos in low light is so unbelievably difficult. So when @7ontheclock comes out with this utterly droolworthy shot of his Speedmaster half submerged within some black pebbles, it just stirs so many feelings of envy and jealousy that it drives me crazy! Phenomenal shot man!

Definitely a week for ‘flectos’ this week and the shot from @is.ticking is right up there with the best, stunningly capturing his Sub in all its glory. We’ve missed you buddy and we’re glad you’re back.

@thecasualwrist has been a strong supporter of the HalfWatchTuesday movement since day 1 and we welcome him back into the top pics frame with a lovely contrasty shot of his Alpina. That combo with the sand coloured NATO is just fantastic!!

I love a Ball. Omair loves a Ball. So, naturally when we see a Ball, we both go nuts for it. Especially a shot so good from @christianmilburn with a lovely shot of his Ball Engineer hidden within some rocks. Cracking shot buddy!

Now I don’t know whether @lebanese_wrist watches were all making babies, but the resulting mashup is just wicked. An imaginative threesome between an IWC, Panerai and a Cartier would certainly make for interesting viewing. Cool shot chief!

And summing up the awesomeness that is top pics this week involves some late-night snacking from @t.o_traveller whom it seems will have trouble getting to sleep if he’s consuming that amount of sugar before bedtime! Loving the shot my man!

Well that’s about all we’ve got time for this week guys. Omair and myself will be hoping to make some announcements regarding our future live reviews really soon, including my first one (be nice everyone), so stay tuned for that. Up until then, stay safe guys.

Yours in horology