HalfWatchTuesday: Stick or Twist

If you are reading this well done for making past the most depressing day of the year.  Apparently Blue Monday is a thing (and not just the watch variety). January 20th is said to be the saddest day of the year for the Northern hemisphere, and is it any wonder?  The Christmas cheer is a distant memory, we basically waste all the daylight hours in work and its been three weeks since all the cash ran out.

As is customary with January we use it as an opportunity to look forward to our goals for the new year. Not being a resolution keeper per say, I do like to map out a few goals for the upcoming year, this of course includes watch goals and as the saying goes ‘You don’t know where to go until you know where you’re from’

Given cash is usually a tad scarcer this time of year it’s the perfect time to hit the pause button and have a good think about what direction you want to take in the months to come, but to do that productively I have to look back on the year just past.

2019 was a barn stormer in terms of my relationship with watches. In terms of movement of pieces (six out and seven in) there was far more action than I had anticipated. My collection is still the same size, but the overall quality was upped, for example the Halios Seaforth B replaced my Orient Bambino open heart. In terms of watch goals, 2019 achieved exactly what I had hoped for; looking at affordable brands and increasing quality of collection.

Such a number of incomings and out goings (for which I realise how lucky I am) is great fun but also bewildering. I gained a good sense of the pieces I had an interest in the affordable bracket, some I had to sit on my hands and wait for, others I had to act fast, occasionally I had to do both.

Towards the end of the year my eye was drawn to The Citizen Promaster Super Tough, with its monoblock body and large lumed numerals, it looked as though it could handle the apocalypse whilst also being fun. I had no real interest in getting it before the turn of the year, but up it popped on sale, 30% off, I really shouldn’t have but it was too good a price to turn down (how many of us have said that).

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The Promaster came and I have enjoyed wearing it, but such has been the frequency of which watches have come and went over the last twelve months that I have felt no honeymoon period with this watch, it has just gone straight into the rotation. As I was reminded by the awesome T. Muller of Fratello, when it comes to watches, the journey is as important as the end point’ wise words which I will take heed of for the year forthcoming. Perhaps this is the opportunity to bide my time and wait for one of those more special pieces to come up; one worth part-dismantling my collection for.

Whilst taking your time is admirable, those of us who are in it for a piece in particular must also be nimble enough to act when it comes up. Last year was also notable for me baulking at two SBGV Grand Seikos (my exit piece) as I didn’t quite have a handle on what price they would command. Having missed out on them, I now realise how rarely they come on eBay at the price I’m willing to pay. So, my somewhat amateur advice is to know exactly what you want, research the product, know the pitfalls, wait for the right one to come along, act quick when it does and most of all enjoy the journey.

One enjoyment which never fades is seeing what epic shots have made this week’s top picks, so let’s dive in!

2019 was big on grail watches, but you don’t need to pay big, just like @minigrailwatchreview shows with this halfwatch indiglo Timex expedtition shot.

You gotta love the Pogue, if you don’t let this shot form @stewham86 convince you.

If you have a taste for something a bit more ‘grand’ how about this for one of the most stunning dials you could ever hope to see from @the.automatic.diver and the very special SBGH269

We have seen some special Chronographs released recently, some trying a little too hard. One which absolutely nails it is the Singer Reimagined. Thanks to @brunopcandeias for his always magical imagery.

Before we get all haute horology on you it’s worth saying you can get smoking hot watches at many a price range. This year Orient are gonna step up massive this year and @noobwatch_andy showing how good they are.

Watches have to be fun, @engraved_balance having a ton of fun with his SKX

As I was listening to the Fratello Watches pod (other watch podcasts are available) I couldn’t help but agree to the monotony of seeing the same watches over and over again in the insta feed. So, thank goodness for brands such as Canadian outfit Birchall and Taylor who strive to bring us something fresh, and thanks to @bitbythewatchbug for shooting it in all it’s glory.

Don’t call this a comeback, she’s been here for years, making podcasts and talking to Fears….Ok I’ll stop, great to see HWT stalwart @Katlen.watches.life back in the top picks. The Tenn and Two podcast is making great waves, subscribe if you know what’s good for you (other watch podcasts are available).

Back full circle, screw these long nights, bring back summer. @that_watch_guy gives us a stunning reminder of what awaits us when the weather turns good.

Shout outs

We have a great shout out this week. @laco1925, yes the original pilot watch Laco join the halfwatch party. If you are going to do vintage inspired go in both barrels just like they have with the Kempten Erbstuck Flieger. Every case is hand finished and therefore unique. It’s the details that make this watch such as the thermally blued steel hands, the overall effect is stunning.

Whilst scrolling down this week’s shots we noticed a little something. You wonderful people used the hashtag #halfwatchtuesday just the ten thousand times!! That’s just mind blowing for us to see, we hope you get as much enjoyment from doing these greta halfwatch shots as we do seeing them. Now I have to moisturise my wrist in preparation for Redbar tonight. Wishing you all happy journeys in horology until we meet again, next Tuesday.