HalfWatchTuesday: Trending

Belated Happy new year watchfam. Here we are the, roaring 20s, barely a week old and already we have nearly had climate apocalypse and World War III. Hopefully it will have many amazing things also, but such is the love we have of watches we can blank out less important matters to focus the mechanical that make us tick (I understand, technically we make them tick)

As we embark on the new year, we thought we would look forward, not back, and stick our necks out to predict what might be the trends in the watch world going into 2020.

When it comes to assessing trends, we look for those tried by early adopters that are fertile ground for other to follow. In addition, we will look at what things have been done to death and just need left behind.

Gold is Dead, Long Live Gold

All trends are cyclical, wait long enough and things get their time again. With that in mind we think it’s time to put your rose gold pieces away and patiently wait until it becomes a thing again. What was the fresh new thing about five years ago has run its course for now, don’t get us wrong the GMT CHNR is a great rose gold swansong for it to ride off into the sunset.

So, who steps in, yellow gold of course. 2019 saw the emergence of the OG. The Ugly-pretty Two-tone Sea Dweller, the beautiful green gold Daytona and the Omega Moonshine speedy will serve as the inspiration for many companies following suit this year.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

The Quartz Comeback

2019 was notable for the more affordable offerings it gave us, think the Casioak or Q-Timex. Such watches reminded us that quartz has a place in the minds of the watch enthusiast. In fact this author’s last purchase was a quartz, an eco-drive no less.

Now that we have had a taste of quartz we can see it having a rebirth in our mindsets, but not only in the lower price bracket. There is something liberating about having a watch you can set and not worry about leaving in the case for a week or so, not to mention a lack of expensive servicing costs. So we are hoping to see more brands taking a dip into quartz, high accuracy quartz to be exact.

Dress to impress

In 2019 we saw a number of the higher end brands try their hand at sports watches and stink the place out. Chopard, ALS and now Moser (shurely shome mishtake. Ed) have shared their collective brain farts with us, perhaps they will stick to what they excel at and others might join them.

As we have reached saturation levels of divers, we have witnessed move toward dressier sports watches, so we anticipate a seeing a number of brands try their hand at dress watches this year, or at least dressier versions of their watches. We know Nodus will release a dress version of their Sector, we are willing to bet they will not the

The Colour of Money

There is always the colour of the moment. For what seems like forever if you wanted an alternative choice you went for a blue watch, things are different now. Variety is the spice of life and there are dial colours available to suit any taste. Last year it was the turn of pink, salmon pink to be precise, AP and Montblanc led the way. This year we are feeling green will come to the fore. Green is a polarising choice, but 2019 saw some very tasteful use of it, from the Gold Daytona to the Mockingbird Seiko Cocktail Time and we see it only becoming more popular.

One thing we know will be equally as big in 2020 is the Halfwatchtuesday Top picks. The Christmas hiatus has got the creative juices flowing from old friends and new as you will see below.

It wouldn’t be Halfwatchtuesday with our pal @aggressivetiminghabits. On reflection we think this vintage OP shot is perfection.


We are all about moody and atmospheric, so as it happens is @the.watchesboy who makes his first appearance in top picks

@strixpixmix never does average. This shot has it all, including a ton of lume.

How do you make the Casioak better? Give it to the @thedialartist of course. Give him a shout if you want a bespoke rainbow version.

There’s this thing called Speedy Tuesday, it’s pretty awesome, especially when it’s mixed with Halfwatchtuesday. We love this panda speedy from @watchdood

A dial only tells you half the story, @bradwatch opens up the other half.

There’s something special about Seiko chronos, especially when shot this beautifully by @ray_deen

Last up is a master of the halfwatch shot with one of my personal favourite watches @watches_abr with the stunning Omega Railmaster.

Shout outs

Want a watch with vintage hues, tank tough and with modern reliability? Then @nthwatches might be exactly what you are looking for. With a range of sports watches that pull on inspiration from the past, but have everything you need to be great daily wearers at a very manageable price point, they are a tantilising proposition. We have been waiting patiently for them to join the halfwatch party and are delighted to give them the first shout out of 2020.

Also, this week we are delighted to welcome @watchbandits to Halfwatchtuesday. With a plethora of strap options for every taste they are worth a visit.

It feels great to be back in the flow of things this year and we plan to hit the ground running, so we are pleased to announce our first of many Halfwatchtuesday Lives on 17th Jan with Horage watches (time to be confirmed), we hope to see you there.

Until Tuesday