Scottish Watches Podcast #57 : With Montblanc Watches CEO Davide Cerrato & Adrian from Bark & Jack

This week something special our first episode, and probably last, of Bark and Jocks!

Available in the full-length podcast and video highlights.

But the big news is I am not wearing a Panerai and that Adrian is wearing quartz, like bringing a knife to a Gun (Zap) fight in the audience of Minerva movements, but all rotors are working and sofas in place for a great show.

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

We explore just what it is like being in charge of a watch company and bringing to life and sale an idea that you have, while Adrian takes copious notes of where Montblanc source straps.

Davide has been involved in several watch brands and has always left a significant and excellent mark, at least IMHO as both a Panerai and Tudor owner, what will he do at Montblanc?

So far the marvellous Geosphere and the left-field modern pocket watch are amongst the star turns, with plenty more to see and talk about.

The 2018 Geosphere

1858 Pocket Watch

We then let Adrian ask a question, to be fair it’s a decent one, something about adventure, coming to Scotland Adrian that’s gonna be an adventure.

Montblanc Heritage Pulsograph front….

…and the Minerva back


We then talk my favourite watch of the evening

Montblanc Heritage Manufacture Perpetual Calendar

The interview then goes a bit weird with the appearance of an “E” for England and Of @floatlites curtain fabric shirt and jacket.

Enjoy the show!