Scottish Watches Podcast #45 : Breitling, Bremont and Watch Chat with Sam (@time.on.her.hands)

A great episode with a great guest, Sam from David Carpenter Watches.

We accepted her application for being a guest, you can decide if we should have given her the job or not.

We discuss Sams watch history with Breitling and Bremont, while we wheel an episode (the missing episode) into the Indiana Jones-like warehouse, while we decide to if we should just send it Rikkileaks.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

We then play fantasy watch box…very badly, will probably never be played again.

It turns out that if you complain on a massive media channel about stuff that stuff happens, thanks @the_art_of_horology

Have you checked out the TV Show Chernobyl yet, you should, and you can by a Russian watch to celebrate.

We find out that Rikki has completed Scottish Tinder and is considering moving to New York.

We are crowdfunding for the tee shirt.

Instagram has become more Scottish and stopped us liking stuff, but Rikki is still swiping increasingly quickly.

Then it is time to round on @floatlite and Adrian, nae luck lads, handy tip don’t fly Boeing….and no munching!

Sam is planning the demise of a pig while we plan the demise of the entire UK based, watch based podcast and Youtube producers.

Luke from Clockbait has returned from Chernobyl with suitable radioactive tan while we are making it big next door in Turkey.

We then have a chat about Kevin O’Leary, and if he is right or wrong.

Enjoy the show!