News : Week 21 Market Price Demands Up 2.8%

So the scores on the doors this week are:

Grey market price demands: 1220.25 up 28.1

Used market price demands 1191.34 up 38.31

So the used market is booming again and is still chasing door the grey, it is a ridiculous notion that a worn watch should outpace a grey market one, but the market is trying its hardest and a lack of grey market stock for some models continues to bolster the used prices.

Notable movers this week are all things AP both in the Royal Oak standard and boutique edition colours and a big leap in used ceramic Daytona prices for what reason I know not, was responsible for a big chuck of the overall used index rise.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

So since we started this index at the start of 2019 we have now witnessed an overall price demand rise of close on 20% for both used and grey market, and if watches are actually selling at these prices demands, and there is certainly liquidity in the market, then for the moment trading in watches is the place to be.

Have a great week.