Scottish Watches Podcast #24 : BaselWorld Roundup Part 1 – And We Were Actually There

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Episode 23….nope episode 24, and the full team is back.

Rikki is back from Basel so no armchair punditry from us and I am back from Italy.

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The Tudor is fine and the Alpinist is definitely too small, and officially for sale, make me your best offers! If your going skiing wear a G-Shock and not a James Cameron Deepsea, you will just break it.

I have two new toys, one of them is also, probably too small.

More jokes at my expense, large fonts sizes on your desktop are entirely appropriate btw.

Rikki goes to the Gym, Rick says hello to Jim, and turns and that Rikki has actually been a bit bit busy at Baselworld, apparently mostly drinking and trying to steel Zeniths “Z” so we do get around to reporting on BaselWorld 2019, mostly that Adrian is a nice guy and that Chisholm Hunter staff know how to party.

Rolex and Tudor then get a kicking, but do they deserve it, and did Rikki deserve to get everything for free while the punter paid 11CHF for a bottle of water?

Patek get an early nomination for watch release of the show with the 5212A

Rikki gets stalked by a Scottish Watches contributor and in turn, stalks Spanish Rob and then stage dives SwissBeats with the CEO of Zenith Watches.

Turns out no one has seen WatchAnish and Captain America in the same room at the same time, questions must be asked.

Rikki gets rumbled at the Jacob & Co stand and again and again…..

And while Swatch Group were not a Basel, Swatch have had a wee whisper in our ears, so watch this space Scottish Watch fans.

I say thumbs up to the 42mm yacht master.

And have Tudor done an AP Code 11.59 with the P01, and does pulling the wool over the eyes of customers and ADs do anyone any favours?

and is this really the best Tudor could do this year and at nearly £5K would you?

So that is it for part 1 of our Basel coverage, tune in on Monday for the rest, but before we go we say hello to our Columbian fan base, but will we ever break America?